Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justice Department Sides With Saudi Royal Family Against 9/11 Families

Obama is supporting the Saudi Royal Family to defeat a long running lawsuit holding them partially responsible for the 9/11/01 attacks. No surprise there at all.

And its no surprise either that the Justice Department took action just one week before Obama is to meet with the King Abdulla as a part of his feel good trip to the Middle East and Europe to reach out, and blame America for our aggressive behaviors towards radical Islamic terrorists. So it would not look good to the Middle East nations if Obama was to stand up for America Victims of terrorism that were murdered by Middle eastern terrorists.

The Saudi Royal family was extremely close to the Bush administration and plan on being just as close to Obama if not more so. Regardless of the facts that many rich Saudis including some members of the Royal family donated monies to charities which in turn gave that money to Al-Qaeda to kill Americans.

For years the Royal Family refused to openly condemn Bin Ladens murderous rampage against innocent Americans and other people. I did not hear one word from them after the attack on the Cole in 2000. It was not until Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11 that they decided to put some healthy distance between themselves and Bin laden. The Saudi Royal family and the Ladens have been close friends for years.

One of the most frustrating and heartbreaking things for victims of terrorism to have to live with is knowing that certain individuals in a foreign nation's government were and are directly responsible for the murder of their loved one. And that in most cases that individual will be protected not only by the foreign government, but by their own government as well. No matter how much credible evidence they may have against the individual.

But I do admire and respect the 9/11 victims and their quest to achieve some form of justice for their murdered loved ones. I also wish them the best of luck in their quest. They are going to need it. click on title for story

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