Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama Frees Gitmo Terrorist With Documented History of Crimes

Why in the world did Obama release a know car bomber and terrorist from Guantanamo back to the Saudis. The terrorist that got the happy news that he was being freed is one dangerous character called Ahmed Zaid Salim Zuhair. The Department of Justice made the announcement late Friday, in the hopes that this illogical and dangerous decision on Obama's part would have the week-end to get buried by other news.

But the DOJ failed to mention that the terrorist's that Obama freed has a long and bloody history of mayhem and violence. And the articles I read from the mainstream media were only concerned that he had been on a hunger strike for three years. Not the fact that he had been convicted in absentia by the Bosnian Supreme Court for a car bombing which injured at least a dozen people. Zuhair worked closely with Al-Qaeda to carry out that attack. He never served a day for that crime either. According to the Summary of allegations presented to him at Gitmo he was also involved in the murder of William Jefferson, an American who was working for the United Nations in Bosnia at the time he was shot to death. But you probably want be reading any of that in Americans free and unbiased press.

Zuhairs list of crimes does not stop there either, as if that's not enough. In 1993 a witness fingered him for participating in a massacre of Croatian civilians during the war. He was also arrested by Bosnia authorities for carrying not one, but three illegal machine guns. For some unexplainable reason he received a pardon for that crime. U.S. intelligence think that he belongs to the a special group of Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Takfiri. Kinda like the Nazi SS. They don't just hate Americans, but everybody and their brother as well.

And then Zuhair may have been involved in the attack on the USS Cole. That allegation was listed on the Summary of Evidence against him at Gitmo too. Looks like all of Zuhairs crimes have been forgotten by Obama. But I guess that is something else that we will never know, because Obama has released the psycho to continue his bloody rampage against innocent people. I can hear the lefty loonies now, "But he will be rehabilitated in the Saudi Jihad Rehab. He will renounce his murderous ways, and live in peace with his brothers and sisters!" Yeah, right.

Obama also released two more Saudi Terrorists form Gitmo along with Zuhair. As if Zuhair who is clearly an extremely dangerous man was not enough. If this latest release of a know terrorist is Obama's idea of justice for the victims of terror attacks, then we are all in some serious trouble. Or will be as soon as they complete their Jihad Rehab and hook back up with their old buddies in Al-Qaeda.

We disagree completely with Obamas latest decision to let these terrorists get away with their crimes against humanity's. He was, and is wrong. For the life of me I cannot understand why he made such a dangerous decision. To appease his liberal base? Or is Obama so insistent on releasing these killers that he will just simply ignore the majority of Americans who want Gitmo to stay open, and the Tribunals to go forward. Or maybe it was because the majority of congress told him not no, but hell no to any terrorists being released here in America. And that he has to have a plan on what to do with these vermin before he actually opens up the gates at Gitmo and turns them lose on the world to do what they do so well. Killing and maiming innocent people.

But Obama has figured out away around congress and the American people on how to free these terrorist, and to get his way. Regardless if other responsible thinking leaders of nations don't want anything to do with these low lifes, because now Obama will just send them to Rehab in Saudi Arabia. Problem solved!

And if this Zuhair was involved in the attack on the USS Cole, that means that those murdered 17 sailors and theirs families have been denied justice yet again. President Saleh of Yemen always figured out a way to protect and pardon the Al-Qaeda killers in the Cole attack. But this time its an American President who is releasing know terrorists.

Well at least its good news for the terrorists, the ACLU, Al-Qaeda, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the far left liberals. And from the looks of it based on Obama's behavior and decisions towards the terrorists locked away at Gitmo, many more of them will soon be free to resume their careers of terrorism again.

My hopes for a partial, yet fair trial for the terrorists that murdered our son, and the terrorists that killed thousands of our fellow citizens grow dimmer with each passing day.

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  1. Zuhair was actually cleared for release by the Bush administration, not Obama. And they apparently did so because the evidence against him was weak: