Friday, June 5, 2009

Gitmo Terrorist Get Satellite TV and More Goodies!

The Obama administration has provided satellite TV, and Sudoku puzzles for the terrorists at Guantanamo! After Obama was elected he had sent Holder down to Gitmo to check the prison out first hand. Holder reported back to Obama that all was good at Gitmo, and that the ACLU, and the liberals could stop their screaming about mass torture and other abuses that were happening at the prison. But regardless of all the inspections that concluded that Gitmo was and is one of the best and most secure prisons in the world, Obama is still going to have it closed. But not before the terrorists get their satellite TV!

This new develop of letting the terrorists have satellite TV to watch al-Jazeer's English channel and another Middle East channel is nothing but more pandering to the far left loonies, the ACLU, and other Human Rights Groups on Obama's part. And lets not forget that the announcement of the new amenities at Gitmo came just in time for his Middle East and European Tour.

I am more than sure that these new amusements for the terrorists at Gitmo will only increase Obama's popularity amongst the inmates and in the Middle East, and Europe. According to Obama we Americans reacted with undue anger, fear, and arrogance towards Radical Islam after 9/11. Obama never fails to get a standing ovation from a Muslim and or liberal audience when he talks smack about America.

But hopefully with Obama telling the rest of the world how wrong we were to defend ourselves, and to prevent more innocent Americans from being killed they will know that we have seen the errors of our harsh and evil ways. Not to mention all the other Americans who were murdered by radical islamic terrorists before 9/11. But hey! Who's counting right?

At no time in our our Nations history has an American president told the world how sorry we as a nation are for going to war, and or the methods that we have used to stop and prevent more attacks. But Obama is bound and determined to demonstrate to the world that under his leadership and benevolent guidance that we Americans have indeed learned our lessons, and ask only for their forgiveness, and understanding.

And if that means shutting down one of the best prisons in the world, and letting some of the terrorists go free while trying other terrorists in civilian courts where they will receive lesser sentences than so be it!

Whats more important here? Justice for the murdered victims, and the continued protection of American citizens, or attempting to change the negative perception of a few nations and our enemies?

I personally cannot believe that even with Obama tearing down America, and those individuals who have kept us all safe these last 7 years is really going to change our enemies minds about wanting to kill us. Quite the opposite in fact. They will be even more embolden now to carry out more attacks on us.

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