Monday, August 8, 2011

Anniversary of the American Embassy Bombings in 1998

   Before the terrorist attack on the USS Cole and 9/11 there was the attack of the United States Embassy Bombings on 8-7-98 at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. The attack killed 11 people and wounded 85 more at Dar es Salaam, and killed 212 people, and wounded thousands more at the embassy in Nairobi. There was 12 Americans killed in the attacks. The attack was carried out by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Bin laden was placed on the FBI's most wanted list as a result.
  President Clinton ordered a failed attack on a pharmaceutical factory in retaliation for the attacks. But it was later discovered after an investigation after the missile attacks that the intelligence had been unreliable. I give him credit for at least trying to kill the terrorists responsible, because after the Cole attack neither Clinton, nor Bush had the political nerve to go after Bin laden again until he killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.  And that attack could not be ignored, and just swept under the carpet like the previous terrorist attacks. Two presidents just chose too look the other way, and hoped that Bin laden would grow tired of killing innocent people, and go back to being a millionaire living an easy life back in Saudi Arabia, and or Yemen. But they were both dead wrong in more ways than one.
  But the good news is that some of the low lifes that killed so many innocent people in the embassy bombings were hunted down like rats in an alley and taken out in various ways. In January 2009 two of the terrorists were killed by an manned American drone. Another terrorist was killed a year later in January 2010. And in June of 2011 one was killed by Somali security forces as he tried in vain to outrun bullets. He was considered one of the masterminds of the embassy bombings. And of course the old mass murderer himself, Bin laden was shot by an American Seal Team member.
 Lets just hope that the remaining ones left alive get taken out before they are caught and brought here to America where they can then be portrayed as helpless victims by the liberal left.

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