Thursday, September 15, 2011

Al-Bahlul, Obama, Gitmo, and Freed Terrorists

Yup! This past Monday was a sad day for Liberals everywhere, and a great day for people who despise terrorism, and those who engage in it. The cause of that sadness, Ali al-Bahlul had his conviction and life sentence upheld by a military court. Al-Bahlul had some concerned liberal lawyers working on his behalf since the day he got sentenced for 35 counts of conspiracy, solicitation to commit murder and providing material support for terrorism.
 So it look like al-Bahlul will still be spending his time at Gitmo, unless Obama figures out a way to close it completely. Obama has failed to implement a policy that ensures that terrorists will be sent to Gitmo, and  tried by the Military Tribunals due to his own liberal beliefs as to how terrorists should be treated. Instead each terrorist that is caught is handled on a case by case system since Obama has refused to let anymore terrorists be confined there. Not a very efficient system at all.
  Obama has managed to have some of the terrorists transferred to other countries where some of them were released to return back to their profession of terrorism. Some of these terrorists went right back to the front lines fighting our own soldiers, again. And or allied forces in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Total insanity. But now Obama is facing more heat and pressure from Congress to have diplomatic cables, and other materials on those released terrorists sent to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Of course Obama has threatened to veto any bill that would release any such incriminating material that would only shed more light on Obama's altruistic, but yet dangerous decision.
   So even while Obama fights to have his irrational and dangerous decisions made public on the release of the terrorists, he is still doing his best to try and close Gitmo for good. While at the same time trying to give the impression that we will have a trial for the USS Cole and 9/11 terrorists. Excuse me if I don't believe him at all. We could have had the trials of the terrorists years ago, including those that were released to fight again. But Obama deemed those actions were wrong for whatever reasons. But yet he refuses to see the wrongness of denying trials to the actual victims, and their loved ones, and the wrongness of freeing captured terrorists to kill again which will only make more victims. Thereby ensuring that one of the real problems of what to do with the terrorists, and their victims will never have an ending. At least while he is president.

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