Friday, May 29, 2009

Deputy CIA Director Meets With President Saleh. But No Mention of Extriditing Killers of 17 Sailors

This Thursday it was reported that the Deputy Director of the CIA met with President Saleh of Yemen to discuss the fate of 100 Yemenis who are locked up at Gitmo. The Yemenis at Gitmo and what to do with them were a major problem that Obama has inherited from Bush. There are about 240 Yemenis at Gitmo by the way. Of course they were all at the wrong place at the wrong time, and are just innocent victims of Bush's war.

It appears that Obama wants to send them to a plush Saudi Jihad Rehab Center. But Saleh wants his terrorist back home the quick way, by having Obama to release them straight to him. That way he would not have to wait for 3 or 6 months for the ex-Gitmo terrorists to be of use to him. Saleh would no doubt use them as bargaining tools with the Al-Qaeda faction in Yemen, and or use them himself to fight his ever growing enemies. Either way I suspect that in the end he will get them back.

But what is more important about that meeting was that there was no mention of extraditing the Cole bombers. Two of which are roaming free in Yemen. Jamal al-Badawi was convicted in one of Salehs puppet courts, and sentenced to death. We knew that Saleh would not go through with the death penalty, which he did not. Then he pardoned Badawi and set him free, and gave him a government job. Not a bad deal for murdering 17 America sailors. He later put him back in prison when Bush got angry about it. But then it was reported that he was back out. I was also told personally by people in Yemen that he was out at times.

And then there is Fahd al-Quso who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but served only a short time. Our own government did not even know that he had conveniently escaped like all the other Cole bombers had at one time or another. And he is still free. His family actually wrote a letter to the Yemeni government telling them not to take any measures against their son.

This past week we listened to President Obama's speech at a Memorial service on how our veterans should not be forgotten. It would appear though that he has forgotten 17 American Sailors who were brutally murdered while serving their country. Why he has not demanded the extradition of our sons killers to America is beyond me. At least president Bush did that on numerous occasions. Just last May to be precise. And to even consider sending Saleh some of his terrorists back to him while our son and his mates killers are free is wrong.

Everyone of the terrorists that helped to kill our son was given a joke of a sentence in prison. Some served no more than three years. One terrorists in particular was not even charged with the murder of our son. That terrorist was Hamdia al-Ahdal the second in command of Al-Qaeda in Yemen at the time of the attack. Saleh had him tried on a lesser charge. He got three years with time served.

And all the while President Saleh has been making out like the crook he is. Taking all the money our government throws at him, and always asking for more. And getting it from three different administrations. And for over 8 years now our own government keeps refusing us a Judicial Hearing into why we cannot get any form of justice for the murder of our son and his mates. And why Saleh of Yemen was allowed to interfere with the investigation into the Cole attack. We all know why. It would just be right and appropriate for our government to stand up for 17 of their murdered sailors, but to also shed some light on the rotten regime that they have been helping to support for all these years as they looked the other way as Justice for the murder of 17 sailors, and 39 other wounded sailors was forgotten because it was politically convenient to do so.

Sooner or later I know that the Truth will emerge about the failed Cole investigation, and Saleh's regime. And all the facts will be know. In other tragedies that were similar to the Cole attack the truth has surfaced. I just hope and wish that our government will not wait for later. Those murdered and wounded deserve that, and yes their families do too. And just as important Saleh of Yemen does not deserve our governments cover up of his protection of the terrorists that killed our son. And how his government has used Al-Qaeda when it was to his advantage.

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