Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obama Ignores Pleas from the Yemeni Youth Council Who Are Protesting Saleh

Today Defense Secretary Gates, and Clinton refused to admit that the gig is up for Saleh in Yemen. On the contrary Gates stressed the good relationship between the Obama administration and Saleh!

He also said that the "outcome in Yemen" is to early to predict. Too early? Where in the hell are they getting there information? Anyone with a half a friking brain has know for 10 years now that it was only a matter of time till the Yemeni people revolted against Saleh. And now one of Saleh's top Generals in command of the 1st Armoured Division has defected to the protesters with his troops, and tanks. Other commanders have followed suit. One of those commanders being from Saleh's on clan.

On Tuesday Saleh's Republican Guard, and rebel troops engaged each other. Saleh's son commands the units protecting Saleh's palace. Also, one of the most powerful religious leaders Sheikh Zindani, defected to the protesters a couple of weeks ago. Zindani runs the al-Iman University in Yemen where he preaches hate and violence against westerners. Some of the Cole bombers attended his so-called university. He has been wanted by the U.S. and the UN for years now for working with Al-Qaeda. But our own government has never really pressed Saleh for his arrest. No surprise there! But in short that means that Saleh has even lost the support of his old Al-Qaeda friends. So things are not looking good for old Saleh, and his family. Many of his long time cronies have already deserted him as well. The smart politicians are switching sides before the heads begin to roll.

Saleh must be hedging his bets that Obama will not let him down, and maybe even come to his rescue. I find that unlikely, but who knows with the Obama administration. At the present time Obama is not yet ready to throw him under the bus. But that could soon change too. Saleh can read Obama's verbal support for him in only one way. That he is doing the right thing by attacking the protesters and trying to maintain the status quo.

Click on the title to read the letter sent to Obama from the Youth Council for his help, and understanding. They actually mention the attack on the USS Cole. There are two topics that our government does not want to talk about, Saleh and the USS Cole. They have spent the past 10 years trying to ignore anything at all to do with the Cole attack, and Saleh! The Youth Council are trying to tell Obama what the world already knows, that Saleh has used Al-Qaeda to make himself rich and to stay in power. And that Saleh has used Al-Qaeda to murder his own people when he deems it necessary. Unfortunately Obama and company already know all of this, just like Clinton, and Bush did. But years ago after the attack on the USS Cole, our government made a pact with one of the Devils emissary's, President Saleh. The pact was that our government would overlook the murder of 17 American sailors, and 39 more wounded. And that our government would overlook Saleh letting all the murderers go. And that Saleh could even still do business with Al-Qaeda on a limited basis. That Saleh could brutalize his people, and would have only limited and half hearted objections from our government. And get boatloads of money to spend as he saw fit.

And now 10 years later even with Saleh staring at his own immediate forced departure and or death, our government feels compelled to follow through on that sick and twisted promise. Even when innocent Yemenis are being butchered in the streets everyday now. I personally think the the Yemenis deserve more of a response from Obama than, "we have a good relationship with Saleh."

We were glad to see the Yemeni Youth Council include the USS Cole in their letter to Obama. Its our hope that the Yemeni Youth, and all Yemenis will soon see the end of Saleh.

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