Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saleh Murders More Protesters While Obama Looks the Other Way

If Obama is going to switch sides in the war between President Saleh of Yemen, and the Yemeni people, he had better do it quick! But so far Obama has kept his money on his main man Saleh, and his military and police forces.

Reports out of Yemen are confirming that Friday was the bloodiest day yet in the peoples revolt to date. Saleh's goons killed at least 46 protesters with sniper rifles. Rifles and ammo paid for with American dollars. That's how the world press is writing it in their reports too. Bad, and I mean real bad press for Obama.

The good news is that the protesters have gained control of Dar Saad, a city with over 150,000 people in it. And is seen as the gateway to the key port of Aden. The big question is can the protesters hold the city. If the majority of Yemenis stick to their guns, I think they can. Saleh and family are despised in Yemen by most Yemenis. Many Yemenis have been victims of Saleh's brutal regime in one way or another. In the past month more and more prominent Yemenis have seen the writing on the wall, and switched sides. Today a group of Yemeni business men announced that they are backing the protesters now. They can see like many others that its only a matter of time now to Saleh has to bug out with his family and money. And or a long and bloody civil war.

Saleh in another futile attempt to stop the news of his brutality from getting out of Yemen has been kicking the foreign press out of Yemen. Monday it was two Americans, and two Brits. Today it was two Al-Jazeera reporters.

But so far Obama and Company are still Saleh's most loyal supporters, and must still be hoping that Saleh and his goons can force the Yemeni people back into thier shackles, and chains. And then Saleh can return back to his half hearted attempts at capturing Al-Qaeda members, while more terrorists continue to escape from his prisons. But more importantly he can keep skimming off the top of all that money that we have been giving him over the last 1o years. But I for one have serious doubts that the love/hate relationship that has been conducted by three American presidents with Saleh will ever return back to the good old days. The days when most Americans had not even heard of Yemen and Saleh. The dirty little secret is now out about our "trusted ally Saleh", and the whole world is now seeing Saleh for what he really is. A ruthless dictator who has used Al-Qaeda to keep himself in power., and who has obtained a ton of money from America to supposedly rid Yemen of Al-Qaeda. But instead Al-Qaeda has only prospered in Yemen over the past 1o years though, just as Saleh and family have prospered financially. And I suspect even more of Saleh's little know secrets will become public knowledge when Obama finally realizes that he has to throw Saleh under the Bus along with Mubarak, and Gaddafi. But hey! That's just part of the game of politics. A politician does what he has to do to save his own skin when the cat gets out of the bag!

Very little news has been mentioned here in America about the "Saleh situation". Even though Saleh is on the same level as Gadaffi, and I would argue even worse when it comes to terrorism. Saleh has managed to control three American Presidents from his little backwater country. All three of those presidents have gone to great lengths to minimize Saleh's connections, use of and support of Al-Qaeda in any detail. And they don't ever talk about how he has treated his own people. At least not before the 'revolution fever" hit the Middle East.

And all three American Presidents have always overlooked Saleh's brutal treatment of his own people. I think its going to be even more interesting after Saleh has been disposed. Or maybe some in his regime will begin to switch sides and start to spill even more "secrets". Just like we are seeing with Gadaffi.

Either way, Obama is running out of time to switch sides. And I think the Yemeni people will remember how he chose Saleh over them. But right about now Obama is holding his breath and just hoping that Saleh will crush the revolution, like he has so many times before. And Obama and Saleh can return back to "politics as usual" and with out all those troublesome freedom fighters demanding a Democracy in Yemen.

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