Thursday, March 24, 2011

Will Saleh Give Up?

Things have only gotten worse for Saleh in the past 24 hours. As far as I can tell he still has the support of the Air Force, his Republican Guard, and some units of the Army. But it now appears that he has been backed into a corner with his remaining supporters. The Obama Administration is still backing him of course.

Maybe Obama and Saleh are hoping that the Saudis will come to Saleh's rescue. In better times they probably would have just to keep one of their borders secured. But now the Saudis have problems of their own. The same problems that have brought Saleh to where he currently is. I doubt that they would like to add more of those problems to their list.

That leaves Obama to save his old friend Saleh. But Obama has got Gaddafi to worry about now, and two other wars to keep him busy. All Saleh has to do is look at which end of the stick Gaddafi got in dealing with Obama. For years the American Government was willing to overlook the Americans that Gaddafi had murdered. Especially after Bush had Gaddafi removed from the list of countries that supported terrorism. Bush went so far as to sign a Bill saying that no-one else could sue Libya or Gaddafi for the murder of their loved ones. And that Gaddafi's Libya was welcomed back into the world of civilized countries. In no time companies where in Libya drilling for oil. And everyone was happy! Except for all of Gaddafis victims, and their families. But when it comes to small groups of victims murdered by terrorists our own government has an extremely short memory.

Unless our politicians see an opportunity to cover up their own bad actions like they did with Gadaffi last month. When Obama saw that Gaddafi was likely to be overthrown, all of Gaddafi's previous terrorists attacks were suddenly remembered again! Then our politicians conveniently remembered all of the murdered American victims that Gaddafi had killed. I am glad for the families of those victims that our government is finally taking action against Gaddafi. Its just ashamed that our politicians and presidents have to wait till they are sure that there will be no political fallout for themselves to go after a terrorists who has murdered Americans.

Will Obama and our politicans began to get their memories back when Saleh has been overthrown? Will they remember how Saleh compromised the USS Cole investigation which was tied to 9/11, how he freed all the bombers, how some of the bombers were not even tried, how his courts allowed Jihad against our soldiers in Iraq, how know Al-Qaeda members lived freely in Yemen, and how he refused to turn over to American custody any of the Cole bombers. I seriously doubt that they will take any action against Saleh. The less said about the USS Cole, and 9/11 the better for them.

So where will an the old dictator/terrorist Saleh go to retire and to live out his golden years? Some country will give him a safe place for the right price I guess. God knows he has more than enough American money to continue to live like a King. But he had better decide real soon, or someone else will be making that decision for him. And it might be decision that Saleh can't live with. Literally.

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