Saturday, November 12, 2011

Secretary of State Clinton Makes Promise to Lobby For the Prosecution of Saleh of Ymen

Tawakkul Karman a Yemeni citizen claims that she met with Secretary of State Clinton and that Clinton promised to her that she will lobby the U.S.'s allies to push for the prosecution of the brutal Dictator Saleh of Yemen. I don't want to disillusion the young lady, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in helping women in Yemen to be treated as equals, and for her work on organizing the youth of Yemen to rebel peacefully against Saleh's regime and to replace it with a democracy, but I hope she does not take Clinton's promise to heart.  She started her work before the Arab Spring when no news media were interested at all in the dissatisfaction expressed by so many people in so many of the dictatorships in the Middle East. Especially in Yemen! And the media is still not really interested in the Yemeni peaceful revolution.(peaceful on the rebels part) Even with all the murders and deaths since the rebellion begun in earnest this past spring. Saleh's troops are doing the killing. 
   When you compare how the media was all over Egypt, and Libya to how they have treated the rebellion in Yemen, its like comparing stones to water. Oh yea, the media reports on Yemen sometimes but only the sanctioned stories that they receive from the White House. And of course the White House has viewed old Saleh of Yemen as a good buddy and trusted ally now for at least three different administrations. Somehow the American media is missing all of the innocent people that Saleh has murdered in cold blood and in broad day light with cell phones, and cameras catching the murders on film. Yet they managed to film all the murders and brutal actions that occurred in Egypt, and Libya. And our TV sets were flooded with those images day and night as the rebels of those two nations were called hero's, and their respective regimes and their leaders Gaddafi's and Mubarak were referred to as "evil and brutal". But No such luck for Miss Karman and her fellow rebels of Yemen. The American media continues to report what the White house tells them to report.
   So why the news blackout on Yemen? Not really a complete blackout, but damn close to it. And when our press does report on Saleh murdering more Yemenis in the streets his ruthless and criminal actions are always minimized. And following the news clip of those images we the American people are always reminded that Saleh of Yemen is our trusted friend and ally in the war on terror. Now if that ain't pure and unadulterated propaganda what is?
  First and foremost Saleh is no trusted friend of ours. Never has been, and never will. Both Clinton and Bush found that out repeatedly, after he made promises to not use Al-Qaeda and terrorism to achieve his own agenda. But Saleh ignored the promises and continued to use Al-Qaeda. But our presidents always forgave him, even after he refused to let the FBI conduct a proper investigation into the attack on the USS Cole. The FBI were told no to their request to question members of Saleh, his family and the military. Two president felt that the old dictators dubious friendship was more important than finding the killers of 17 American sailors, and the wounding of 39 more. A decision that would come back and bite Bush on the butt big time in less than 10 months later, with the 9/11 attack. And then Bush would tell Saleh of Yemen that he would co-operate with the FBI, or else. Too late for all the thousands of murdered Americans, and families and friends though.
  And then Bush took no action when Saleh let those killers go free after he tried them in a puppet court. But then again Saleh's courts released even more terrorists to go and fight our troops in Iraq. Those are only a few instances of Salehs trusted friendship for us Americans. And lets not forget all the terrorists that Bush and Obama both sent back to the old dictator by way of Saudi Jihad Rehabs. Many of them after completing their Jihad Rehab went right back to Al-Qaeda, and terrorism. Obama only stopped sending them back to Saleh after a couple of Yemeni terrorists attempted some bombings here in America, planned by no other than Al-Qaeda in Yemen. He had to quit sending terrorists back when media got all fired up about the attempted bombings on Americans. Or the questions like "Why have we been sending terrorists back to this dictator, just so they can turn around and attack us again." That's not good Public Relations for either Obama and or Saleh. Do we hear that on the news? No, nary a word of criticism for the old dictator. And then those released terrorists from Saleh, Bush, and Obama went on to help Al-Aqaeda in Yemen become such the threat it is today.   
  So if our government does not even care about its own murdered and wounded sailors why then should they care that Saleh is and has been murdering his own people? Its obvious, they don't.
  Whats of prime importance to our government is its new CIA base in Yemen, and Yemens strategic location.  And so far our own government has refused to let anything come before that, even going so far as to conveniently forgetting the justice that the 17 murdered sailors, the 39 other sailors wounded, and their families deserve. And telling American the truth about the double dealing dictator that they have, and still support today.
  At this time I have of as yet to receive any word on the where abouts of the freed Cole bombers, and if our government has given up on extraditing another of the freed Cole bombers who is supposedly walking around as a free man in Yemen. At least the Bush administration kept up the pretense of trying to get Saleh to play by the book. But it appears that the Obama administration no longer cares at all. Except that Saleh must appear to be one of the good guys, and not the devious and backstabbing dictator that is really is. His only mission is to keep himself, his family and cronies in control of Yemen. so they they can continue to enrich themselves as the Yemeni peoples resources are plundered, and the people themselves suffer.
   And those are only some of the reasons why that I don't think that Miss Tawakkul Karman should believe in the promises that Clinton, and or Obama make to her.  I hope I am wrong and that Obama will see fit and stop protecting this murderer, and thief. That Saleh, his family and all his cronies will one day have to answer to the Yemeni People for all their crimes against them and their country. And that they will see their dreams of a real democracy come true. My wife and myself wish her and the Yemeni people the best of luck in their efforts at obtaining such worthwhile goals.
   But I really think that Obama just wants to keep Saleh quiet, after all if Saleh were to really open up and spill everything that he knows to a world court that information could be really embarrassing for some American presidents, and Obama would be one of them. So even though Saleh has caused Clinton, Bush, and Obama much embarrassment in the past and no doubt more embarrassment in the future, it just might be cheaper in the long run to keep him as the dictator of Yemen until he has an accident, assassinated, and or dies of natural causes. And in the mean time, Obama will just have to endure his dysfunctional relationship with the murderous, traitorous, and ruthless dictator. Like the old saying "you lay in the bed you made".
 But it sure would be real justice to see old Saleh, family, and friends sitting in a Yemeni courtroom being tried by the people he has used, abused, murdered, thrown in prison, and in general just made life a living hell for many of them, and their families. Talk about Karma coming down!

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