Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two Down! One More To Go!!

Those three smiling dictators are Saleh of Yemen, Gaddafi's of Libya, and Mubarak of Egypt. The picture was taken in better times for all of them obliviously when the money, arms, contracts, etc... from America were flowing like wine to all three of them. But how quick things can change! One day Gaddafi's and Mubarak were wealthy and semi powerful dictators, the next day they were fighting for their lives, and had been abandoned to their fate by their former benefactor, the American Government.
 Mubarak is presently awaiting his trial to began next month. He is confined to a hospital bed under armed guard. His two sons are also going to be tried for crimes against the Egyptian people. Him and his sons stand a good chance of being executed or sent to prison for life.
 And we all know what happened to Americans good friend Gaddafi. He was overthrown and tracked down like a rabid dog and then beatened, and shot till dead. He was not always our governments good friend when he used terrorists to kill some of our fellow Americans. Reagan tried to take him out with a missile attack but it missed unfortunately. But then papa Bush, Clinton, and then junior Bush all claimed there was no evidence to have Gaddafi's killed. So they let him live and prosper for decades. Until Bush took Gaddafi's off the list of countries that support terrorism back in 2008. The oil companies needed that action to be able to to drill legally in Libya. Bush obliged them. We were all told that Gaddafi's had not only recanted his evil ways but had repented for them as well. But then in less than two years time Obama decided to back the people of Libya and told us all that evidence had turned up and  proved that Gaddafi's had murdered those Americans after all!! We heard the same story from Bush when we were told over and over that Al-Qaeda had not killed our son and his mates in the Cole attack, there was no evidence to those rumours at all. At least not until 24 hours after the 9/11 attack ten months later and then our government found the evidence and announced to us that Al-Qaeda did in fact bomb the Cole! Our government has always had this bad tendency to measure how many murdered Americans justify a response on their part. And unfortunately they will normally wait unit the body count becomes to large for even them to ignore any longer before they take action. Till that time they always tell us that there is no evidence, when in reality our politicians fear to do the right action because they may put their political careers at risk.
 And now here we are down to the last dictator in that picture, Saleh of Yemen. It appears that our government is still supporting their old friend even as his troops continue to murder his own people. But Saleh barely survived an attempt on his life awhile back, and was burned badly. His family is helping him to maintain control over what little areas of the country they still control in Yemen, which is very little. But Saleh has to know that his end is drawing near even with Obamas support. Or does he? Maybe Saleh really thinks and believes that since Obama sold Mubarak and Gaddafi's out but not him, that he is safe. After all Saleh has outlasted Clinton, and Bush whom he lied to repeatedly and was caught lying but still always got what he wanted anyway, he even refused to let the FBI conduct a proper investigation into the Cole attack, he refused to let members of his military and family be questioned who were suspected of being involved in the attack which killed 17 American sailors. Clinton and Bush both agreed that 17 Americans lives were not worth a proper investigation and denied the requests from the FBI. And of course Saleh freed the Cole bombers and some of them returned right back to killing innocent people. While our government did nothing but give the old dictator more money and aid.
 So maybe Saleh really does have some serious clout left with Obama. But either way he has got to be sweating bullets if he even has only one foot left in reality. That reality being that him, his family, and his cronies are all coming to the end of their reign of terror in Yemen. And that end could be brutal and fatal for him and his family if he does not cut his loses, and take all of his stolen riches and bug out. I would not lose one night of sleep knowing that Saleh could be hunted down like Gaddafi's and hung from a street lamp and or shot. There is way to much circumstantial evidence, and other evidence that Saleh at least knew about the Cole attack before hand, or at the very least he stopped the FBI investigation with the help of two American presidents for political reasons which only benefited his friends in Al-Qaeda. And less than 10 months later our whole nation would pay the price for that serious political mistake by two American presidents in the form of thousands of innocent lives being lost on 9/11.
   I know that our site is still viewed by some people in Yemen, and some of those people being Salehs Secret Police, and cronies. And this is for you folks and your boss: Your time is running out. Get out now while you can. Obama cannot save you. He is in deep trouble here in America. Let the Yemeni People have a real democracy. Not what they have now, a brutal dictatorship that has and is getting rich off the last of Yemen's natural resources and people.  A regime that is murdering men, women, and children. That has used Al-Qaeda to meet its own evil agenda with the knowledge of the American Government. A Dictator who freed all of the Cole bombers, and other know terrorists to kill innocent people again. And know this too; If I awake one day to see Saleh's dead body on the cover of a magazine, I will rejoice for for our murdered son, his mates, and all the other victims of Saleh's terrorist acts and last, but not least that the Yemeni People have a democracy after decades of living under a brutal dictator and his family.

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