Saturday, January 17, 2009

ACLU and Liberals Want the Cole Bomber Freed

We knew that it was only a matter of time before the ACLU brought suit to drop the charges against Al-Nashiri who helped to plan and organize the attack on the USS Cole, and other terrorists who have murdered their fellow citizens. No surprise at all. But the ACLU's and their supporters continued support of these murderers is beyond belief. Its sheer insanity on their part. And their behavior is disgusting to any individual who really respects the sanctity of human life.

When it comes to trampling all over reason, and the rights of the victims and their families the ACLU is first line. I do not disagree with their right as Americans to speak their beliefs, no matter how absurd and insane those beliefs may be. Or that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, and that even the accused have rights. That part is all true. Our own son died so they could have these rights, just like thousands of other Americans that have died before him to ensure that we could all speak as we think, and to have other freedoms that other people in different countries only dream about. But the ACLU and liberals have taken the laws that were made to protect victims of crime and manipulate those laws to protect the killers who committed those crimes against the victims in the first place. And all the while they tell us that its the right thing to do. Right for who? The criminal, the terrorist, the rapist, and or the pervert?

Most decent folks would not even want their name associated with the ACLU. Most Americans can see through all their smooth and insincere talk. All one has to do is look at their past behaviors. For years they were only supported by the lunatic fringe of our society. But now that segment has grown and become much more vocal, active and hostile to anything that is considered to be a traditional way of American Life. Even if their actions lead to the release of terrorists and criminals. The ACLU and their supporters remind me of the NAZI Party in its early stages. Where they would take laws that were meant to be used for the protection of the society, and then by using deceit, duplicity, and manipulation would use those laws to achieve their own twisted and sick goals. And it worked beyond the Nazi's wildest dreams too. When criminals who were on trial for burning Jewish stores, beating Jews, and or killing Jews the Nazi's learned how to manipulate the courts and the German government to have the criminals freed. Whenever Christians and or concerned citizens would have rallies in the streets to oppose the Nazi's in a peaceful matter, the Nazi's would thrown rocks, and bottles and or attack them. The Nazi's would also boo and shout speakers off the stage who disagreed with them. Sounds kinda like the behavior that our own liberals demonstrate, does it not? And the liberals like the Nazi's know the importance of controlling the mainstream press to achieve their goals.

Of course they are claiming that Al-Nashiri was supposedly tortured, and there by needs to be released without a trial. What they conveniently forget is that the supposed torture is secondary to the primary reason he is in prison. He helped to murder innocent people. We are seeing more and more criminals go free every day in our civilian legal system not because the criminal was not guilty of the crime, but because a mistake was made in how him and or his case was handled. And that's exactly what they want now with the terrorists. They could care less about the real victims, and or if the terrorists kills again. They only care about their political goals, making Bush and the republicans/conservatives look bad. And making their own warped beliefs into laws.

This latest ACLU demand to have the terrorist go free is an insult to every man and woman who has died for this country, an insult to all the military, the FBI, the CIA, the police, anyone else who laid their lives on the lines to capture these rabid fanatics. Its also an insult to any person who really knows the true value of human life, and knows that without laws to protect us all from the people that the ACLU want free, that we and our society are doomed.
--Posted By Gary to Terrorism: Politicians and Victims at 1/17/2009 02:25:00 PM

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