Friday, January 23, 2009

Freed Gitmo Terrorist Bombs US Embassy

Former Guantanamo terrorists helps to murder 10 people after his release from Guantanamo prison. I say twelve because six of those killed in the attack were terrorists. There deaths are a blessing and do not count. But the total body count was 16 if you count the terrorists. Either way the ACLU and their radical liberals supporters got their wish when Said Ali al–Shihri was freed from Gitmo to commit murder less than 10 months after he was released.

After al-Shihri was returned to Saudi Arabia he was checked in to a Jihad rehabilitation program designed to make terrorists forgo their evil and murderous ways, and to become good citizens who respect the laws and human life. Its obvious that al-Shaihri was not listening and or did not receive enough group counseling. After his released he sneaked out of Saudi Arabia and went to Happy Yemen which is a haven for Jihadists. Where he took part in the bombing of the US Embassy last September, and became Al-Qaeda’s number two top dog of the Al-Qaeda branch in Yemen.

Its more than apparent now that al-Shihri was not telling the truth when he told his captors in Gitmo that he was only looking to purchase carpets for his store, and to do relief work. And that he has had a history in working for Al-Qaeda. They don’t just make some brand new guy a Chief.
Their people have to demonstrate that they are good at following orders, and good at what they do.

Al-Shihri according to the Pentagon is not the first terrorist freed from Gitmo to return back to his evil ways. According to them at least a dozen Gitmo terrorists have returned back to Al-Qaeda. But unfortunately the ACLU and the liberals do not believe them. And why would they? That would mean that the ACLU and their supporters would no longer be able to clamor for the release of these vermin.

I hope that this latest and tragic news that a former terrorist of Gitmo is now the second in charge of Al-Qaeda, and helped to murder innocent people will help to persuade Obama that maybe, just maybe these guys do not need to be released.

But then again my other fear is that Obama will release these fanatics back to Yemen. Where President Saleh will welcome them with open arms. Saleh’s regime has released terrorists that have murdered people before back onto the street. Including the murders of our son and his 16 mates. I also wonder how long it will be before we hear a similar story about Bin ladens driver who received an extremely light sentence at Gitmo last year and was then turned over to the Yemeni regime. Where he was released.

But in the end I reserve my anger, disgust and contempt for the ACLU, and their rabid followers who go out of their way to help our enemies to escape justice for their crimes against their own fellow citizens, and other innocent people of different nations. Their actions go way beyond helping individuals to receive a fair and impartial trial. The ACLU and the radical liberals who demanded that this terrorist be release and others like him are partly responsible for all the deaths, pain and suffering that these terrorists have committed, and will commit.

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