Saturday, January 24, 2009

Will the Cole Familes Ever Recieve Justice?

We received a copy of the Executive Order that Obama signed suspending the trials of the Cole bombers, and all the other trials of the terrorists as well that are at Guantanamo Prison. For our family we are reliving nightmare all over again. We went through this with the Yemeni Regime when President Saleh freed all the terrorists that had helped to attack the Cole. Those that were not freed escaped from prison. Two of them went on to fight our soldiers in Iraq.

We had pleaded with Bush not to let the Yemeni's to conduct the trials. That Saleh would only free them. Bush told us that they would receive justice, and not to worry. Any idiot who had been following the Yemeni Regime new that our son's killers would be free, and that the trial would be a mockery of justice. And it was. But went sent letters after letters to our elected representatives, and senators to help us, all to no avail. Its my hope that President Obama will let the victims familes have their day in court, and not place these terrorists in a civilain court. Keep the system as it is. Please!

And now our son's killers are walking around Yemen as free men. And or fighting for Al-Qaeda again. To be fair we also had wrote President Clinton and asked him to not let the Yemenis have custody of any of the bombers that were caught. He did not listen as well. And now Obama's decision has started the nightmare all over again. When we were so close to obtaining some justice after all these years. Its as if our government will not be happy until all of our sons killers have been freed one way or another.

I have no anger at the Military Commission. They have worked extremely hard against many obstacles. And we are proud that they are representing our family. We were fortunate to see at least one terrorist help accountable for his part in the Cole attack. He had made a video glorifying the attack on the USS Cole, and attacks on Israelis. It was my pleasure to testify at Ali al-Bahlul's trail at Gitmo. He received life in prison for making that horrible propaganda and recruiting film which celebrated nothing but death and the destruction of Americans and Israelis.

My only hope is that now we the Cole families are no longer alone like we were before. And as a small group of 17 families the government knew that they could ignore us for the most part. But its going to be difficult to ignore the thousands of families and their friends that make up the 9/11 victims.

We also have Senator Cornyn and his staff who are working at getting us some answers and justice after 8 long years. We have been told that there will be a Judiciary Hearing this year on the issues that I requested. Thank-You Senator Cornyn and staff! I just hope that the democrats will not figure out a way to stop it. Our Representative at the time was Juan Garcia who helped us tremendously too. A big thanks to him and his staff as well!

We also have many privates citizens, bloggers, and some Yemenis here in America, and some Yemenis in Yemen too who are helping us with our battle to obtain the long overdue justice for our son and his 16 mates. Thank-you all! Your support has kept us going.

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