Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Plans to Release 94 Yemeni Terrorist From Gitmo

The Dictator Saleh of Yemen has stated that his country has rejected a US proposal to send 94 Yemenis from Guantanamo to a Saudi Jihad Rehab Center.

Instead Saleh is counting on President Obama to release the terrorists back to him. Thirteen terrorists have been released from Gimto back to the Yemeni regime where five of them were immediately released, and the rest were put on trial for falsify identification documents. None were tried for their terrorist activities. None. Just this past September Yemen's Foreign Minister Abou Bakr al-Qurbi stated that his government will continue to refuse demands to arrest suspects identified by the United States and the United Nations as financiers and organizers of terrorsism who are now walking the streets in the Capital city of Yemen. Saleh continues to reject US demands for the extradition of Jamal Badawi. One of the terrorists who helped to murder our son.

That is standard operating procedures for Saleh'e regime which uses Al-Qaeda when its beneficial for their agenda to do so. Which is quite often. Saleh's current Jihad rehab consist of having the terrorists to swear on the Koran that they will not engage in Jihad anymore. As opposed to the Saudi Jihad Rehab where terrorists given all kinds of inducements to persuade them to give up the Jihad.

Some of these inducements are brides so they can marry and have kids. The Saudis believe that a married man is a happy man. And less likely to kill innocent people. They are also encouraged to have lots of kids so as to form a family bond. And they are given a furnished apartment to go along with their new bride, and some start up money. Sounds like a pretty darn good deal to me! I wonder if they get to pick their own brides, or someone else picks the bride to be for them. I think that decision alone would have a big impact as to if the terrorist returns back to Jihad.

About 200 former Yemenis have been through the Saudi Jihad program, and the pentagon states that a significant number of these have gone on to fight in Iraq. Said Ali al-Shihri who graduated from the Saudi program attacked the US embassy killing at least 18 people. And he is now the number two man in the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction.

Said al-Ajmi's release from Gitmo is just one of the many tragic story's that we will no doubt be hearing more of. As more, and more of these fanatics are released to kill innocent people again. I would think that Obama has to realize that all it will take is one of these killers is to be released, and then be found responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas, or here at home. I don't think that even the terrorists best friends the ACLU and the other liberals who support the terrorists will be able to stop the public outrage over such an attack that could have, and would have been prevented if only Guantanamo was left open, and the Military Commissions allowed to finish their job of prosecuting these vermin.


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    Obama will have blood on his hands if he does this. I have to wonder if he even cares!

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