Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Evidence That 10/12 and 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

What can one say about the following information which demonstrates that again that both the attack on the USS Cole and 9/11 could have been prevented. We were given many excuses at the time as to why the HUB in Yemen did not pick up the warnings about the pending attack on the Cole. Yet now with all the new information that is being released we find out just the opposite. (Its my understanding that many of the relesased documents have words and whole sentences that have been redacted.) That the National Security Agency had struck a gold mine by listening in to phone calls between Bin Laden and his top lieutenants at a terrorist HUB(safehouse) in the Capital city of Sana in Yemen.

The terrorists Hub was a home which belonged to Mohammed al-Hada whose extended family memeber was Al-Midhdar, the hijacker of Flight 77.The NSA listened in for over two to three years to the terrorists chatter on their phones. Over ten thousand pages of transcripts were recorded in that time. Al-Hada the owner of the house was later killed while running from the Yemeni police. After 10/12 and 9/11 of course.

It was only after 9/11 and a congressional inquiry that the FBI went back and started checking out all those phone calls, and found out all this information. Who had it before? Why was it not used? Why even bother to listen in on the terrorist plans if they were not going to use the information? The whole affair is still shrouded in secrecy. No doubt to protect politicians and other government officials and employees from having their careers damaged, and or ruined.
According to a US Investigator the number at the HUB was used to "put everything together before the Cole bombing." Its also reported that is how the FBI found out about the first attack on a Navy ship in the Yemen Harbor in January of 2000. That attack failed because the terrorist al-Nashiri(the terrorist that later helped to attack the USS Cole and the Liberals and ACLU want freed) overloaded the boat to be used in the attack and began to sink. The navy ship to be attacked was the USS Sullivan. That was nine months before the attack on the USS Cole.

Why was the USS Cole not warned? Were they deemed expendable? That to blow the whistle would have alerted Al-Qaeda that the safehouse was no longer safe? But then why was the 9/11 attack not discovered? And revealed? Why was it revealed only later after the Cole attack about the aborted attack on the USS Sullivan? If they had information on the Sullivan why not the Cole? (that one always puzzled me. Until now at least)The questions are many. And the answers are few if any.

This latest information only makes for more questions that our government needs to answer. The families of the USS Cole attack and the 9/11 families all deserve an answer as to how such a failure could happen and who is responsible. A dirty word these days in politics. Just mention the word responsibility in a room full of politicans and the room is empty before you can blink. No more excuses and or lies please. Its going to take a few good and decent politicans to bring out the long overdu truth on all of this.
--Posted By Gary to Terrorism: Politicians and Victims at 1/19/2009 09:33:00 PM

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