Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cost of Ignoring Evil

The attacks listed in the picture do not count all the other attacks by Bin Laden's fanatical killers in other countries as well. But those attacks are just as important as 9/11. Why? Because with each successful attack by Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden grew bolder.

Its called "Warfare 101". Bin laden knew, and still does what he was doing. With each attack he would measure Americas response. His attacks became increasingly more sophisticated, organized and executed in a methodical manner. While Clinton's reactions to each attack remained the same through out his presidency. He would do nothing more than mouth public threats of retaliation against Bin Laden. Clinton's manner of dealing with terrorist was set in stone after the humiliating defeat of American Forces in the Battle Of Mogadishu, in Somalia. Where 18 US soldiers were killed. Clinton immediately ordered their retreat from Somalia. In a interview with Bin laden in 1998, he expressed disdain and contempt for Clinton and America. By then he knew that Clinton would do nothing of any real significance to stop his attacks. And he was right.Bin Laden and his Islamic Fanatics are pure evil. As much an Evil force as Hitler ever was.

That's not to say that Islam is evil. Its the radical fanatics of Islam who have twisted that religion to meet their own sick and perverted ideologies. And yes I know that there is a segment of people in American who refuse to believe that Evil does in fact exist. These space cadets, or more commonly referred to as the Politically Correct, and the Far Left think that just by refusing to believe in Evil, and or by ignoring Evil that it will just go away. But Evil left alone and unchecked will only grow and prosper. A good analogy is how weeds in a beautiful garden will eventually choke the life out of everything in the garden. Leaving nothing but a barren patch of ground. Clinton must have bought into the same naive belief that if he just ignored Bin Laden and his Evil acts that he would eventually go away. But we all know now that Bin laden only grew stronger by Clinton's refusal to deal with reality. And we the American people paid dearly for that naive belief with the cost of thousands of American lives.

Till that fateful day of 9/11 when when all our leaders could no longer afford to ignore Bin laden. Our President, and the politicians realized that they were not immune to attacks due to their political status. And could be killed by these fanatics, just like military members, and other common civilians who had been killed before 9/11.All the people killed by Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the attacks up to 9/11, and including 9/11 deserve better than our presidents and politicians have given them. Their families, and our fellow citizens all deserve to know why no-one in our government has been held accountable for allowing Evil to prosper and grow leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Our politicians have conducted investigations led by other politicians who have a vested interest in not holding their fellow politicians responsible for the mistakes that have led to deaths of so many innocent Americans. Disastrous mistakes were made. And the best that they can do is to tell us that "yes indeed mistakes were made", but we cannot hold anyone responsible. Instead they tell us how we must go forward and learn from those mistakes. To put those mistakes behind us. This type of irresponsible behavior on the part of our politicians is the perfect breeding ground for Evil to continue its growth unhindered. What is so sad and tragic, is that another attack will be forth coming in America. Because some our presidents and politicians value their political fortunes and careers more than they do American lives. And Evil has won yet another battle against justice, integrity, and responsibility. The following quote is a excellent description of Bin Laden, Clinton, and some of our politicians: "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction's, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury."
And here we are years later and after a major war on terrorism at the cost of so many of American lives, and Bin Laden has won yet another victory against us. Guantanamo is to be closed and what will happen to many of Bin laden's terrorists that are confined there is any ones guess. But it does not look good. And who helped him to win that most important battle? Some of our own fellow Americans who have forgotten and or ignored all of Bin Laden's victims, their families, our dead soldiers, and their families too.

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