Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hamas Officials Freaked Out at Implied Threat From Israel

I had to laugh when I read the following story about Hamas leaders running for the nearest hole in the ground when they heard Israeli Cabinet Minister suggest that Israel would assassinate Hamas leaders if they did not release their soldier, Sgt. Gilad Schalit. He has been held captive since 2006. That comment sent Palestinians bugging out in all directions for the nearest cover.

When Israel speaks, terrorists listen and find a hole if they got any sense at all. But in the end he was just emphasizing that none of them would walk the streets in safety till the soldier was back home safe. Good for Him!

But unfortunately its no laughing matter when it comes to some International Human Rights Groups that may want to seek a case that Israel violated the rules of war. It will surprise me if these groups do not attempt to bring Israel and or her soldiers before an International court for war crimes. Look what the liberals have manged to do here in America in regards to the psychos locked away at Gitmo. They got Gitmo closed in a year, and unless something goes really wrong many of the terrorists currently locked away there now will be free to murder again in the near future. Something wrong could be more bad press for the terrorists who fail their Jihad Rehab programs and kill again before Gitmo closes. Like we have recently read about this past year.

Israel went out of their way to avoid killing civilians in Palestine in their hunt for Hamas terrorists. I don't think that's what this is about though really. I think these groups like the ACLU, and some Human Rights Groups hate Israel just as much as they hate America. Or I should say as much as they hated Bush and his policy of fighting terrorism. Either way Prime Minister Olmert announced the formation of a special legal team to defend Israeli soldiers against potential war crimes if the need arises. Good Liberalism Prevention on his part.

I am glad that Obama put his foot down when he did not agree to prosecute former President Bush and people in his administration like many of his more rabid fans wanted him to do.

Osama Hamdan a Hamas laeder in Lebanon stated that during the truce Hamas will continue to bring in weapons and ammo to the Gaza Strip. But Hamas has a on-going power struggle with-in its factions that some Arab leaders like President Saleh of Yemen is trying to resolve, and capitalize on. Saleh of Yemen wants all of the Palestinian factions to get along and focus on Israel as their common enemy.

Either way its going to be a tough road for Israel in the coming years. Its my hope that they elect a Prime Minister that will not back down to American pressure to give up more of their lands, security and or free more terrorists just to have to fight them again. The main show down is coming sooner or later. That area is like a powder keg with a lit fuse. Its got to ignite sooner or later.

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