Friday, January 30, 2009

Judge Refuses to Suspend Trial of Cole Bomber

A military judge at Guantanamo has rejected Obama's request to suspend the hearing for Abd al-Nashiri who helped to bomb the USS Cole. Thank God that Judge Army Col. James Pohl recognizes that victims still have rights too. Now its Obama's move.

How can Obama just circumvent the law? Congress passed the military commissions act. And congress has reviewed the military tribunals before and stated that the military commissions act was legal. And this was a bipartisan congress at that. So would not the laws as they were set up and approved by congress still be relevant, and legal? That means that with just a stroke of his pen that any president can interfere in the courts for any reason he sees fit. If so why do we even have courts. Yet that is what is happening right here in America.

The ACLU which supports terrorism has urged Defense Secretary Gates to have the charges dropped against al-Nashiri who helped to murder our son and his mates. If that is not supporting terrorism then please tell me what is. Of course the lunatic fringe, the liberals are going bananas over this latest development in their quest to see Gitmo closed and the terrorists freed.

And now Obama is faced with a conundrum, drop the charges on al-Nashiri who helped to murder 17 American sailors in cold blood. And then be faced with outrage amongst many Americans and the military that justice was not served. And just as importantly that Al-Qaeda would win a major victory right here in America. Or does he do the right thing and let the trial go ahead and take its course, whereby he might anger the liberals who should not be dictating what their idea of justice is in the first place.

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