Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amnesty International Not Happy With Obama

Amnesty International is not all that happy with their main man, Obama. In one of their recent reports they stated that his policies have been "mixed" when it comes to Counter Terrorism Detention Policies. I would have to agree. But not only mixed, but confusing as well. Not long after Obama's speech last week when he tried to sell why Guantanamo will be closed, and what the disposition of the terrorists would be who are currently residing there I read where he is still trying to figure out if Al-Nashiri would be tried in Federal Court, and or the Military Tribunals. Or the Terror Tribunals according to the liberals. So who knows really?

But that aside, Amnesty is upset that their has been no accountability and remedy for the past Human Rights violations. Maybe they were not watching the news the past three weeks when Nancy Pelosi stuck her foot in her mouth again and had joined the witch hunt to hold some republicans and or people from Bush's administration for water boarding three of the terrorists. Until her lies of not knowing about the enhanced interrogations got her in some serious trouble.

So of course there will be no accountability for the water boarding because we all know why and what it was done for, and that some democrats like Pelosi knew about it while it was happening. And did nothing. Because it was the right thing to do at that time to save thousands of lives.

And Amnesty is also unhappy that the Obama administration claimed "state secrets privilege" to dismiss a lawsuit brought by victims of the CIA. Victims? Oh Please!

And then there is Bagram Prison, Obama's Guantanamo. His administration has filed an appeal that a US federal judge ruled in April that three terrorists could challenge the lawfulness of their detention at that prison in a US Court.
But in all fairness they did give him some words of praise. So he is still the Golden Boy to groups like Amnesty International, the ACLU, Code Pink and other so called Human Rights Groups.

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