Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama Decides Not To Release Terrorist Abuse Photos

What is happening to Obama? First off we hear that he has changed his mind on having the terrorists tried in Federal court, and may revert back to the Military Commissions.

And now he has publicly announced to the dismay and anger of the ACLU, and other Human Rights Groups that he is not going to release the photos of terrorists being abused in Iraq and Afghanistan by some of our military personnel that happened some years back.

Has the reality that we are in a war with Islamic fanatics that will stop at nothing to murder more Americans finally caught up to him? That the release of those photos will only increase the dangers that our troops are now facing. And could potentially increase the chances of another attack here at home, not counting attacks on American living and working overseas as well.

Or maybe its the reality that we are now fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and if things keep going south in Pakistan, we will then have three fronts to fight at the same time. And the the release of those old photos will only give the enemy more propaganda to use against us. The individuals who abused those terrorists have been held accountable but that would not matter to the enemy overseas and or to our enemies here at home like the ACLU and their rabid supporters.

The ACLU and their minions would plaster those photos everywhere they could, just to advance their twisted agenda of freeing the terrorists at Guantanamo, and hampering the war effort. They, the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and their supporters have been foaming at the mouth for months now in anticipation of getting their claws on those old pictures.

Whatever it was that changed his mind, I for one am glad that he did. I am also glad that he is considering on using the Military Commissions for the terrorist trials. But the bad news on that good bit of news is that Obama may ask lawmakers to expand the legal rights of the terrorists.

As if they do not have enough rights as it is now. Considering that they wear no uniform recognized by any nation, they kill men, women and children indiscriminately, they torture their prisoners and then cut their throats to name just a few of their sick behaviors. They should never ever been given the rights of POW's, let alone the rights of an American Citizen which some people think they should have.

But even with all this good news I am worried that there is a catch. Obama has really angered some of his most faithful supporters, especially with not releasing the photos of the abused terrorists. So what will he give them in return for what he has taken away from them?

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  1. First of all the rule of law must be upheld. Any person has the right to a defense, period.

    Second of all, you're pointing fingers at terrorist, what has the bush administration done? They've killed thousands of women and children also by a war they had no legality in waging; both terrorist and bush and his accomplices should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They lied to the nation and become rich because of the war, Halliburton anyone?