Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dictator Saleh is Happy with the Extra Money He Got From Obama

President Saleh of Yemen is tickled pink that Obama has decided to give his failing regime more money and aid. He is also happy that Obama wants a two state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and that the independent Palestinian state will have Jerusalem as its capital. I wonder how Israel feels about all this?

But then again Saleh supports Jihad against Israel. So is it any wonder? The new increase in money for Saleh's regime will include 10 million to support the Yemeni military and Saleh's secret police. The extra money ought to come in handy for the Yemeni secret police in helping them to close more newspapers, and to beat up journalists and then throw them in prison for criticizing Saleh. The military can use their share of the American money to keep terrorizing the local tribes that refuse to fall in line with Salehs policies. Some of the tribes are sick and tired of seeing jobs, and their money go to Saleh, his family and his cronies. And are fighting back.

There was no mention if any of the money would go to helping Saleh to figure out ways to make his prisons escape proof for Al-Qaeda terrorists. And or if Saleh could use some of the money to build a new Jihad rehab for ex-Gitmo terrorists, and or other terrorists who need a break from the stressful life of killing innocent people, and blowing up their homes and businesses. But when a ruthless dictator has a friend in Washington, anything is possible.

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