Monday, May 11, 2009

Yemeni Regime Continues Its Decline and Obama Gives Saleh More Money

The news out of Yemen continues to be bleak in all areas. Saleh the Dictator of Yemen has closed eight newspapers because they were criticizing him and his regime. And in return Obama has increased American Aid to the Dictator. Up from 41 million to 52 million. Plus with extra bennies throw in for good measure to sweeten the deal.

And then Saleh has the Somalia pirates using ports on Yemens coastlines. And have for years now. But the worst news depending on how you look at it is that the Yemeni regime continues to lose its control over the country. More and more governments are now willing to express their fears that Yemen is becoming another Afghanistan. Any idiot could have seen that over eight years ago. But first Clinton, then Bush, and now Obama have continued to prop up Saleh's duplicitous, deceitful, and dilapidated regime. Three American presidents have made nothing but excuses for Saleh and his actions. And now it looks as if all the chickens are flying home to roost.

This past Friday Obama had a 25 minute phone call with the Yemeni Dictator, Saleh. It appears that Obama wants Saleh's blessing for him to send 100 Yemeni Gitmo terrorists to a Saudi Jihad Rehab. But Saleh reportedly told him that he wants his terrorists back home in Yemen. I bet he does! And still no mention if Obama has confronted Saleh with handing over our son's killers. If the Yemeni Gitmo's are to be freed he wants to be able to use them to make deals with Al-Qaeda like he has in the past. Our government hates to admit that, but they know its true from all the other times that Saleh has poked their eyes with broken promises.

This past January, terrorists announced that the Yemeni Al-Qaeda and the Saudi Al-Qaeda had merged. Yemenis who went to Iraq to fight our soldiers there, have returned back to Yemen to join Al-Qaeda. And lets not forget that Saleh's courts have ruled that Yemenis going to Iraq to conduct Jihad is legal. In the past Saleh cut all kinds of sweet deals with Al-Qaeda to help him and his family to stay in power. Saleh's security forces looked the other way when the Cole bombers who received pathetic sentences from Saleh's terrorists friendly courts were allowed to escape. The Yemeni Security forces has also employed Al-Qaeda fighters to work with governemnt troops when it was advantageous to Saleh. All the while three American presidents have taken the official stance of "See no evil, Hear no evil, and Speak no evil" when it comes to saleh and his corupt regime.

The bad news for Saleh's is that he is now dealing with a New and Improved Al-Qaeda. And these bad boys do not fancy Saleh playing both sides of the fence, and are now making all out war on Saleh's regime. There are still reports of Saleh trying to buy off Al-Qaeda, but it now looks as if all of Saleh's double dealing has come home to bite him big time. His control over the mountainous regions is weak, Al-Qaeda has been reformed and has new leadership that want Yemen to be an Al-Qaeda playground. Al-Qaeda also has the support of local tribes who are angry with Saleh's government, especially in the South of Yemen. South Yemen lost a war to Saleh and have not forgot it. To make matters worse Saleh then put members of his own family and his cronies in charge of the South, who abused their powers, and positions.

But regardless of all the bad news coming out of Yemen our government is still committed to pouring money into Saleh's regime. Always hoping that Saleh will stop his duplicitous behaviors, and reaaly become a friend in fighting terrorism. Personally I think its too late for Saleh to pick our side and to stay on our side, even if the Obama administration is willing to over look the murder of 17 America sailors, and how Saleh did everything in his power to help the killers of those sailors. By playing both sides of the war on terror Saleh has created what he thought he could avoid. The hastening of the end of his regime.

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