Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama To Send Yemeni Gitmo Terrorists To Saudi Rehab

I know that Obama and Holder really don't want to keep Guantanamo open, and are running out of options on what to do with the terrorists who are currently residing at Gitmo but sending them to a Saudi Rehab is like freeing them.

I wrote back in January that I believed that Obama would take that course unfortunately. It is an easy way to get rid of a nasty problem and look like he has accomplished something. But its wrong. Period. For many reasons. Even a Senior Obama administration official admitted that the Yemen Regime knows it terrorists will get a better deal in a Saudi Rehab than in front of a American judge, especially a military judge. Yet here is Obama actually thinking about going through with this charade.

The Saudi Rehab has had some success with former Jihadists. The jihadist get all kinds of goodies to quit their evil ways like money, a wife, an apartment, a job, etc.. But with Yemenis terrorists its much different. They know that they can return back to Yemen, and face no consequences for any of their crimes. Just the opposite in fact, President Saleh of Yemen may hire them to fight his numerous enemies. And then of course there is the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction which has continued to prosper and grown in Yemen. And will welcome their long lost jihadist friends back with open arms. Eleven ex-former Gitmo terrorists who graduated with honors from the Saudi Rehab could not resist the temptation to blow people and things up and returned back to Al-Qaeda. One of those 11 former Gitmos is now one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

And then there is the fact that at least three of our sons killers are walking around free in Yemen. While President Obama is doing nothing about it. If he is we have not been told. Bush would send the FBI to Yemen off and on to make demands that one of them be extradited. Saleh always refused of course. And our government always kept sending him more money for his coffers and still does. I wonder if Obama has even bothered to ask Saleh to exchange Al-Badawi and Al-Quso who helped to murder our son for some of the Yemeni Gitmo terrorists?

Al-Quso escaped awhile back from a Yemeni prison and Saleh did not even bother to tell our government. But then again just about every single Cole bomber escaped from prison at one time or another, or else Saleh reduced their sentences, and or pardoned them. Of course our government made a strong protest when ever they found out about the escapes, reduced sentences, and pardons! And Saleh just smiled all the way to bank with check in hand.

Saleh has been setting up his own Jihad Rehab Center! And guess what? He wants us, the American tax payer to pay for it. What a friking joke. And we probably will in the end. I also think that if Saleh gets some of his jihadist back that more innocent people will be murdered. Buts that politics right?

And yet all it would have taken is for Obama to have kept Gitmo open, and the tribunals going forward. The terrorists who were convicted could have lived out their sentences on a secured island. And justice served. Yet now the Obama administration is trying desperately to find a nation, any nation who will take the terrorists. And all the risks that they entail. No-one still knows where or when they will be tried, or what prison they will be in, or what system they will be tried in, Federal or military. And Obama's staff is having to go to any lengths to unload these terrorists on someone else just so they can just get rid of them. Regardless if the jihadists return back to terrorism. Because if only one of the terrorists kills a person it want be the Obama's administration problem. Unless its an American. And most of the evidence remains classified on the terrorists to be sent for Rehab. Odd don't you think? If they have done no wrong then why cannot we the American people know what they have been accused of and all the facts?

Will the insanity ever end? I mean think about it for awhile. Our soldiers risk life and limb to catch these scumbags, we spend tons of money on on intelligence, building a new and isolated prison, keep the terrorists in prison for a few years at an enormous cost to us the taxpayers, and then we just sit them free!

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