Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama May Use The Military Commissions After All

Its been speculated for a while now that Obama may change his mind on having the terrorists tried in Federal Court after all. And go back to the Military Commissions Tribunals which he stopped this past January after he was elected president.

I will believe it when I see it! The murdered victims of the terrorists and their families have been waiting for years now to obtain some measure of justice. We were actually getting ready to leave for the beginning of Al-Nashiri's trail when Obama shut everything down.
And now Obama has made the trials of the terrorists even more political than they were. Most politicians in their right mind do not want the terrorists tried in their backyard, let alone kept in their respective states for any length of time. Can anyone blame them?

Obama is also finding out that some of the nations that condemned Guantanamo do not want to accept any of the terrorists as well. And here at home the polls showed that most Americans wanted Guantanamo to stay open. But Obama was anxious to fulfill a campaign pledge to a segment of his supporters, the lunatics on the left. And here we are the victims families, and loved ones three months later and still no solid answers from our so called leaders.

Officials in Obama's administration fear that if the terrorists are tried here in America in Federal court that some of them may just walk away as free murderers to kill again. I wonder how much money and time they had to spend to figure that one out? That's what the liberal left has been wanting for years now. And Obama has to know that there are some judges out there who would be delighted in helping a terrorist who murdered Americans to get off scott free in his or her courtroom. Any lawyer worth his salt would bring up the "torture issue" and how the poor terrorists had their rights violated. End of trial.

Attorney General Holder has emphasized that if the Commissions are used, then the rules must give the terrorists "a maximum amount of due process". I think that's Holders way of saying that the Military Commissions have to make the rules in favor of the terrorists and not their victims. These cretins are not even American citizens, they wore no uniforms, are not from another nations military, etc.. The terrorists should be grateful that they are even getting a trial by a military tribuanl, and not just taken out and shot like they deserve. Now wouldn't that send the liberals into convulsions.

Of course the ACLU and other so called Human Rights groups are complaining about this latest move on Obamas part. We only wish that our politicians would stop playing politics with the murder of our son, and other victims of terrorist attacks. I don't think a day goes by without us hearing on the news how some democrats and their rabid followers want anyone who was associated with waterboarding held accountable. Yet we never hear from these backstabbing politicians one mention of justice for the all the murders that the terrorists committed.

I call them backstabbers because they had the opportunity to voice their disagreement when the water boarding was going to be used, but did not. And after all it was only simulated drowning. What's the big deal? You can almost hear their little minds thinking "And if it gets turned into a big deal I can always say I did not know".Typical politician thinking. Can anyone say Nancy Pelosi? click on title

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  1. Rather interesting that some of the countries that condemned Gitmo now won't accept these terrorists. Sort of like the Soviet Union & the other Communist block countries, US radicals who believed Communism to be a better way to govern than our own couldn't go there. The Communists themselves didn't want them!