Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Palestine Liberation Organization Ordered To Pay $116 Million For The Murder Of An American Couple

The Plaestine Liberation Organization and Hamas has been ordered by an American judge to pay out $116 Million bucks to the surviving children of a American Citizen and his wife. The couple were returning from a wedding when the terrorists pulled along side them and opened fire on their car. Their 9-month old son survived who was in the car too. They had another son who was not with them at the time of the attack.

The lawsuit was filed under the 1991 anti-terrorism law. Of course the PLO had objected to the ruling on several issues, but lost each time. Good! Neither Hamas, and or the PLO hired an attorney to represent them. The PLO blamed their dead leader Yasser Arafat, as to why they lost the case. I guess they were hoping that they would get lucky and have a Liberal Judge who would empathize with their plight, and their brutal methods of murdering innocent people to achieve their objectives. The destruction of Israel, and all of her citizens.
The lawyers representing the surviving children have stated that only a modest amount of the money awarded has been collected so far. Unfortunately that happens quite often with victims of terrorism. The victims not only have the nations that use terrorism to fight in court with, but their own government as well.

You would think that in this day and age where anyone at any time can be a victim of terrorism that our politicians could agree upon some laws that would help the survivors of terrorists attacks to hold the terrorists and or the nations that fund them accountable. But they have not. Its extremely political. And even more so if its only one victim, or a small group of victims.

To their credit some politicians have come up with excellent laws that would have provided the victims more rights and means that they could have pursued to hold the terrorists accountable, and or the nation(s) that helped the terrorists. But then other politicians have then taken the Bill and gutted it.

When its all said and done, if it ever is. The surviving family members can be, and often are waiting for justice in the civil courts for years, and as in our case even waiting for the trail of the killers for years. And I have read where some families have had to wait decades for some kind of justice to be obtained in the murder of their loved ones.

So its good to hear when the terrorists, and or those that fund their murders are held accountable. It does not happen everyday. Too many times I have read where the terrorists are freed, and or the family cannot hold the nation that provided the money, weapons, and training accountable even in civil court. Because politics reared its ugly head.

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