Friday, May 15, 2009

Its Official: Obama To Revert Back To the Tribunals

First Off I want to say Thank-you to all the politicians, both Republicans and Democrats who have fought to keep the terrorists at Gitmo, and not to let them come to America. And that the terrorist be tried by the Military Commissions, and not in Federal Court.

Obama's decision too use the Tribunals after all is a significant victory for many Americans, especially for the actual victims of the terrorists. And a major blow to the ACLU, and company. I suspect that there were many reasons as to why he reversed his decision, but my family and myself are glad that he has.

Our fear though is if he will continue to stand up the ACLU, Human Rights Groups, and the far left liberals who are doing everything in their power to help the terrorists that murdered our son, and thousands of other Americans. Amnesty International is now asking their supporters to write Obama to tell him to take the Death Penalty off the table. If you have the stomach for it, visit their web page. And: " If not possible to produce sufficient evidence, admissible in ordinary federal court, to to form a basis for the criminal charge of a person detained at Guantanamo, he should be immediately released."

In other words not only do they not want any information that was gathered with the use of enhanced interrogations used against the terrorists, but nothing else as well even if that evidence was given voluntary. The reason being is that the terrorists were not read their rights, (they are not American Citizens) and in a Federal court any and all evidence would then be rejected by the court.

We have faith in the Military Commissions. We have witnessed the proceedings of a Military Court in person. We have seen the professionalism that the Military lawyers displayed, and their dedication to serve justice fairly. At first we were concerned that with all the new legal rights that Obama has given the terrorists would make the outcome just as predictable as to what happened with the terrorists in the Yemeni Regime Courts, where our sons killers were given reduced sentences and or pardoned for the murder of our son and his mates. But we are hopeful that Al-Nashiri will be held accountable for his barbaric actions which cost the lives of 17 American sailors, and wounded 39 others. And changed the lives of so many of those sailors loved ones forever. And we also hope that all the terrorists who have taken the lives of other innocent Americans will receive what they deserve. And not what the ACLU and their ilk want them to get, which is their freedom.

Unfortunately the trial of the terrorists are extremely political. Anything to do with these terrorists is political. Just look at the can of worms that Nancy Pelosi has recently opened. All for political gain. Has she mentioned any of the Cole victims and or 9/11 victims. No. Has Senator Leahy who is pushing for the Truth Commissions taken the time to talk about the real victims in this ongoing nightmare? No. Its all about the unfortunate terrorists who murdered their fellow citizens, and how Pelosi and Leahy want to ruin the careers of any American who helped to keep us safe, and to gain valuable information from the terrorists.

We are told that the information that was gained from the terrorists with "enhanced interrogation techniques kept more of my fellow Americans from being butchered like our son was. Good. I wish I could personally thank those individuals who conducted the interrogations, and got that information. I have criticized Bush on his foreign policy with Yemen, but never for keeping us safe. And thanks to VP Cheney for standing up for the men and women who did their jobs. I hope he keeps it up!

Our son for all we know suffered a horrible death. And his murder happened in part due to bad and sloppy intelligence sharing amongst our security agencies. I give Bush and his administration credit for changing all that. And if pouring some water down his killer's nose got some reliable and important intelligence than so be it. Because that means there are some more parents out there right now who have their sons and daughters with them because of that information. And that is a good thing. No matter how the ACLU, Human Rights Groups, and far left liberals try to spin it.

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  1. The ACLU lawyers should be forced to live with the released terrorists for a year in their homes. I am glad Obama had his mind changed, calmer heads must be doing some fast talking. Lets hope they can keep it up.