Monday, February 2, 2009

Former USS Cole Commander Speaks Out!

The former commander of the USS Cole, Kurt Lippold criticized Obama's order to close Guantanamo Prison and tosuspend the trials of the terrorists who helped to murder our son and his 16 mates. Lippold made the following statement "We should not make policy decisions based on human rights and legal advocacy groups." And "We should consider what is best for the American people, which is not to jeopardise those who are fighting the war on terror-or even more adversely impact the families who have already suffered losses."

The current mess that has allowed for some of the terrorists who were at Gitmo to go free and to return back to terrorism is a direct result of the Supreme Court decisions in regards to Boumediene v. Bush, Al-Odah v. U.S. and several other cases filed by terrorists at Gitmo who were helped by the ACLU and their supporters.

Those decisions put the safety of Americans second, and the rights of the terrorists to kill us and to get away with it first. It also gave our internal enemies such as the ACLU and the fanatical liberals another weapon to undermine our country and our institutions. Someone once said: "The Constitution is not a suicide pact." How true. But that's exactly what its fast becoming as of late.

Bush began the process of dumping some these Gitmo terrorists back to their home countries just to get rid of them. So he could follow the new rules that were forced upon him by the Supreme Court. But that does not make it right! And now we know that many of them have returned back to the battle field to fight us again. And now Obama wants to send even more dangerous terrorists from Gitmo back to countries like Yemen that support Al-Qaeda. Sure that's a quick and easy fix to the Gitmo problem. And it will make the ACLU happy. But when these released terrorists kill Americans, and eventually they will. What will Obama tell their parents and loved ones then?

Thank-you to Commander Lippold for speaking out against the insanity, and for supporting the families of the murdered sailors. We are going to need many more such good men and women to raise their voices and to take action to stop this madness.

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  1. insane liberal idiots. Let these terrorist kill an ACLU family member and see if they still support the wonderful views as tey do now