Tuesday, February 10, 2009

4 ex-Gitmo Prisomers Released To Iraqi Government

Four Iraqi prisoners have been transferred from Gitmo to Iraqi custody. The prisoners were arrested in Afghanistan then sent to Gitmo. It amazes me how our government is ensuring that every other nationality is having their rights respected, and receiving swift action by President Obama except for the American families of the victims killed by terrorists. Instead he chose to dismiss the charges ahainst al-Nashiri and spend another months reviewing what course of action would then be taken. When we already had a system in place that had been approved by a bipartisan congress. But petty politics is more important than justice. We have only waited 8 years now for our government to take some action. But who's counting right? (click on title for story)

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  1. I am worried about our rights. I have liberals come to my blog site and attack for for fighting for our rights. I don't understand what people are thinking in our country. I don't understand why the Bush adminstration didn't bring these men to trial.