Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Suffers Set Back in Closing Gitmo and Holder Visits Gitmo

In a major setback for the Obama administration in its attempts to close Gitmo a Federal appeals court overturned a judges order that would have freed 17 Gitmo terrorists into the United States.

In the ruling all three judges of the court agreed to reverse Judge Urbina’s original ruling that the terrorists could be released into the United States. The judges who over turned the ruling wrote " Never in the history of habeas corpus has any court thought it had the power to order an alien held overseas brought into the sovereign territory of a nation and released into the general population." Amen to that. How refreshing to hear some realistic and sane words from a judge. Obviously the ACLU and the Human Rights groups are as angry as a bunch of wet cats over this setback to their goal of having all the terrorists at Gitmo freed into the United States.

And it was announced yesterday that attorney general Eric Holder himself will pay a visit to Gitmo this coming Monday to inspect the prison and talk with some of his most ardent supporters who are confined there, the terrorists. He wants to ascertain the status of the terrorists and, " to see how people are being detained, to talk to people down there about the interrogation techniques that are being used." Well Mr. Holder I am willing to bet you that the terrorists will have numerous stories of abuse and torture to relate to you, and how their rights are being denied to them. But would you please keep in mind while you hear their cries of anguish that we your fellow Americans who are their victims in some cases, only wish that we had as many rights, and advocates as they do. And maybe you can remind them that at least they have the American Government as their biggest advocate, while we the actual victims only have our families, friends and concerned citizens to help us.

And of course our elected politicians but only if they are republicans, we have at least one republican who remains silent on the issue. Congressman Ron Paul. At present I know of no democratic politicians who have disagreed with Obama's decision.

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