Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yemen Parliament Signs Law Criminalizing Peace with Israel

105 members of the Yemeni Parliament have signed a law criminalizing relations with Israel in a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinians. And of course with the terrorist thugs, Hamas. Why am I not surprised? "So, we do not want our country to have a hand in any collusion with Israel against the Palestinians" stated Al-Hazmi a member of parliament. Well Mr. Al-Hazmi I bet you and your fellow Jew hating buddies are not going to tell Uncle Sam that you do not want anymore of our money, are you now?

And you Sir have the nerve to talk about collusion when your President makes deals with Al-Qaeda when ever it serves his purposes. Members of your government have defended the release of our sons killers by saying "that is how we work here in Yemen". Your government has stated publicly that it refuses to initiate a Jihad Rehab Program that holds terrorists responsible for the murders that they commit. That your courts will continue to recognize that Jihad is legal in Yemen. That its not against Yemen law for Jihadist to travel to Iraq to fight our soldiers. Yet your government is still begging my government to increase its aid in the form of dollars to your country. The number of ways that you support Al-Qaeda is endless and yet you talk about collision?

Its my hope that one day soon that our scientists will invent a "common sense pill" and distribute them by the buckets to American politicians who support your backstabbing and terrorist loving nation . (click on title for story)

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