Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exclusive! Guards Spray Gitmo Terrorists Toilet Paper with Pepper Spray!

Human Rights lawyer Ahmed Ghappour told Reuters news that the Army and Navy guards are,"trying to get their kicks in right now for fear that they won't be able to do it later." And that the abuse is a result of Obama being elected President. That the guards are angry that a democrat won, and is closing the prison.

In one camp at Gitmo he claims that all the terrorists are on a hunger strike and have been placed on feeding tubes, and that they are then given laxatives that induce chronic diarrhea while strapped in their chairs. Go ahead and read it. I am not kidding. This is the kinda of trash talk that the ACLU, and their liberal friends eat up with a spoon. Its a shame that they are attempting to make our military men and women look like, and sound like the terrorists themselves.

The Defense Department has just concluded a report on a two week review of conditions at Guantanamo. And they found no abuse and or torture. Which has made the ACLU and their friends mad as hell. And now they are going to fabricate even more ludicrous stories of torture, and abuse in an attempt to keep up their propaganda war on Gitmo. But this story is not only ridiculous, but way over the top. The liberal stories of torture and abuse have become outrageous, and comical now.

Admiral Patrick Walsh acknowledged that there had been some cases of abuse. Like verbal abuse such as "comments, gestures, disrespect" to "preemptive use of pepper spray." Anyone who has worked in a prison knows that convicts make daily reports of abuse. That's any prison, any where. The convict knows that it takes the time of the guard, and the review board to investigate any complaint. Which over 99% are proven false in the end. Just filing the grievance gets them out of their cells for awhile, and they get to rant at the boss man or woman about how bad they got it. Plus it makes the guards life miserable. The guard will have to write a report on what happened as to, where, why, when, and who were the witnesses. The second most common method that convicts use to get out of their cells and to make life hell for the guards and the director is to fake a serious illness. And 99% of the time the doctors release them with a couple of aspirins.

And yes guards do react to convicts who display any aggressive behaviors when they are in close contact with the convict. Its very difficult to second guess a guard who has used self defense when he or she thought their life was in danger. And in any profession you will get a few bad apples. And it usually does not take to long to figure out which guards are not cut out to deal with prisoners, and or work in a correctional facility.

This Human Rights lawyer also claimed that "several of his clients have had their toilet paper sprayed with pepper spray while they have had hemorrhoids." Why did he have to add the hemorroids? I think it would have been bad with out them. That extra shock effect I guess on the liberal mind. More ear candy for his liberal audience. But I got to admit that the mental image that it conjured up in my mind had me laughing out loud. These claims will no doubt be a hot topic at the liberal colleges amongst the professors, and students. Some movie stars as well I guess. But its not right that this two bit lawyer has to slander our military men and women with outlandish stories just because the liberals are angry and indignant that their claims of mass torture at Gitmo were not believed, let alone substantiated.

And to think that the Reuters News calls this an Exclusive Story. Its more like one of those stories that that are found in the tabloids at the super market check out line that I read to get a good laugh while waiting my turn to check out. Have you ever noticed that they do not put the serious news magazines at the check out lane?
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  1. Keep up the good work on exposing all the cockroaches who refuse to accept any responsibility for the Cole attack - and condolences to you for the tragic loss of your son at the hands of these animals who call themselves jihadists. Please be assured that if justice is not served in this life, it will certainly be served in the next. Hold on to that truth. And try living your life in happiness, contentment and joy. God will take care of he rest. Have faith in that. And you might want to look up an old friend or two.