Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks to Our Military Families for Their Sacrifice

Mr. Gilley stated that I could post his letter that he wrote to my family. We have received many emails, phone calls and visits in the past few days since the news broke that President Obama dismissed the charges against the terrorists Al-Nashirir who helped to murder our son and so many other innocent people.

Mr.Gilley's letter woke me back up as to all the hardships that military families endure for service to this nation. And I am grateful for the reminder, and or wake up call. His brief story about his sons and their military experiences brought back all the memories that my wife and I used to always carry with us when our son was alive and serving in the military. I can remember being worried about the terrorists attacks, and how random those attacks were back in the 90's. And or a host of other things that could happen to him for serving his country.

Bin Laden had already gained world attention, but many people were still ignorant of the man. He had not murdered enough Americans to really get into the limelight of the American media. His murderous deeds had caught my family’s and my own attention though. And the worry for our son’s safety only increased.

Of course after our son was killed my family went into another peer group of Americans. Military Families who had lost a loved one to terrorism. And then my thinking and actions began to focus on another agenda. Obtaining the truth and justice for our murdered son and his mates. And in that process I lost touch with all those feelings and thoughts that we had when our son was alive and on active duty. And of course I was introduced to a whole new set of feelings and emotions with the murder of our son. And today the thought hit me, isn’t that what the far left loonies and other people are guilty of but to a greater extent. Maybe the lefties just don't ever really think about losing a loved one to terrorists, or don't even think about it all. Yes I know that the Left claims that they care about our military people, even as they are demanding that Gitmo be closed, and the terrorists freed. In short their actions do not match their talk. And in the end are we not all measured by our actions, and not what we say? Otherwise the left would have to realize that the terrorists cannot be allowed to go free and kill more innocent people.

So anyway that letter reminded me how my wife, daughter and myself would at supper times find ourselves looking at the empty chair at the table, and all us wondering the same thing. Is he safe? Or the time we were working out in the yard when a Army sedan drove up to the curb and the officer got out. My heart nearly stopped, and my wife just froze. But he was only lost and asked us for directions. I think the man must have thought we both had mental problems because we just stood there and said nothing for awhile. Or watching the news at night and hearing of all the little civil wars, and terrorist attacks. Would his unit be sent in, and or his ship?
And then Mr. Gilley writes his letter and tells me about his boys and their service to this nation and to me and my wife. But when you get down to the nitty gritty his boys are out there not only protecting my wife and myself but all Americans. So him and every other military family has every reason in the world to be proud of their sons and daughters. I needed that wake up call, and to return back to those old memories of worrying and waiting. Not all the time mind you. But enough to keep an attitude of gratitude to all the military men and women and their families waiting for their safe return. Mr Gilley is in a different yet similar group than myself, and I hope that him and his family never have to cross over to our group. But we both share many of the same values, traditions and experiences of being a military family.

I could not imagine of having two children in the military at the same time! Yes it would bring great pride, and much satisfaction at having two sons serving their nation. But on the other hand the concerns and fears would be doubled. So my hats off too any family with more than one loved one in the military!

So with all that said I want to say a Thank-you to all the military families out there who have had, and or have a loved ones life on the line for all of us.

Its so important that we as a nation demonstrate to our military that we support their actions, and their losses of loved ones in protecting us. If we as a nation cannot protect our civilians and military here at home by prosecuting those who have killed or tried to kill us than why are we even fighting the war for. Its really a self defeating action on our governments part. We have to show our military members that we can finish the job that they started. That all their hard work and all the deaths mean something to us. That after the military captures the terrorists that have caused so much death, suffering and pain to so many people that the least we can do is to ensure that those terrorists will be kept locked away from civilized society for good.

Mr. Gilley's letter: Tonight I was watching the news, and your name was mentioned. For some reason, I just feel compelled to write you, to encourage you and to let you know that others weep at night for their sons. My name is Charles Gilley, and I have two sons serving in the United States Army.

My older boy, Phil, is on his third combat tour. Unlike John Kerry, he refused his purple heart as the wound was not that serious – he would not accept it. He serves with the 1st Cav out of Fort Hood, and he is busy in Mosul at the moment. My other son is in Armor, formerly of the 3rd ID, Rock of the Marne. He just completed 15 months in Iraq, the last 4 in Sadr City, killing terrorists and murderers. The enemy learned to fear his unit. And when “the wild bunch” were done, there wasn’t much left.

The only reason I tell you this is not to claim some great pride in my sons, though I do. But I do know the worry, and I do know the cost they may be required to pay. I pray our country is worthy of their blood and your son’s. I would not presume to understand the depth of your loss, perhaps one day I will. Until that time, you have my sincere thanks for instilling bravery and service in your son. They always seem to be better than us, don’t they? I will keep you in my prayers, that you would keep the faith. If perchance you pass through Georgia, or any of your family, there is always a place at my table.

Like I said to you before Mr. Gilley. Its our hope that your sons come home safe and sound. And yes they are better than us. I guess that most parents always want life to be better for their kids than it was for them. And that some parents try to explain to their kids the mistakes they made in the hopes that their own children want have to make those mistakes as well. And sometimes they don't.

In closing I will add, I hope that our government is worthy of the sacrifice that so many families have made in the loss of their loved ones, and all the wounded military men and women too. I know that our country is worth the sacrifice, but at times I have serious doubts as to if our government is.

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