Thursday, February 12, 2009

ACLU is Mad at Obama (Good!)

"This is a betrayal of the rule of law." That is from an ACLU lawyer who is all hot and bothered that Obama has invoked the same "state secrets privilege" that was used by the so called evil Bush administration. And the ACLU's hero Obama is using those same tactics. The ACLU's case states that the trials of five Gtimo terrorists should not go forward because they are victims of the "extraordinary rendition program", and that they were all tortured. Of course!

The ACLU Pinhead lawyer Ben Wizner, also stated "To date, not a single alleged tortured victims has had his day in court." I got news for you Mr. Wizner, we the victims families of the Cole attack have not had our day in court either. And its been 8 long years! And your terrorist loving agency along with its fanatical liberal supporters managed to convince Obama to stop the only trial that would have been held for one of the terrorist that killed our son, and his mates.

In a statement, Comrade Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director, said: "Obama ran on a platform of change that would reform the abuse of state secrets, but Obama has has reneged on that important civil liberties issues." First off Comrade Romero every candidate that has ever ran for public office runs on the platform of "change". And rarely delivers. Get used to it. Its a fact of life, and politics. Secondly I hope that Obama has realized that he can go only go so far when it comes to helping your anti-American organization. If he were to do everything that you and your supporters want we would cease to be a nation. Which sometimes I really think in the goal of the ACLU in the first place. Third, I think he is trying to protect you idiots from yourselves in the long run.

But do not despair Comrade! Obama may yet have al-Nashiri the Cole bomber tried in a civilian court where he will go free, or send him back to Yemen where he will be freed to re-join Al-Qaeda again. Our government had a perfectly good system that had been approved by a bipartisan congress to deal with the vermin at Gitmo. And I might add a perfectly good prison as well to keep these psychos away from Innocent people. But Obama took it upon himself to ignore congress and to close Gitmo, to drop the charges against al-nashiri, and stop all the other trials of the terrorists. So you, the ACLU, and your followers have done quite well so far in your support of Al-Qaeda, and the terrorists. I think you all have earned a slap in the face from each other. I mean a slap on the back for a job well done!

It may help you and your supporters Comrade Romero to console yourselves with the thought that Comrade Stalin would have been extremely proud of your actions. I know Bin Laden must be.


  1. ohh good one, the poster in your upper right corner is so insight full and whats more so accurate ti can totaly tell this web sight is something other then a total joke