Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yemen Denies it Released Al-Qaeda Terrorists. Again

The Yemeni Regime mouth piece stated that Yemen had only released 108 criminals, but not Al-Qaeda terrorists. In my pervious post I had noted how brazen that Saleh of Yemen has become in his dealings with Al-Qaeda. Before when he would help Al-Qaeda and get caught, he would either say it would not happen again(but it would) and or come out and change the story if his regime started to take to much flak. When it was found out that he had released the a Cole bomber he had him placed in jail so he could show the inspectors from other countries. Then he would release him after the inspectors had left. One of his newspapers ratted him out on that one. So all and all nothing new with our partner's behavior in the war on terror. Still up to his old tricks. CNN


  1. It never does change - there's only one way to deal with such governments, and it's not diplomacy. Dictators/terrorists don't negotiate.


  2. I agree completely sir. And thanks for the comment!

  3. This SOB lies right to our face and the US government goes blithely along as if nothing ever happened:

    The State Dept: "La-la-la. Let's talk so you can keep lying to us! Isn't that what diplomacy is all about? Oh, here have some more taxpayer money."

    If it frustrates me, I can imagine how you must feel, Mr. Swenchonis.