Friday, February 20, 2009

ACLU is Shocked That Obama Has Sided With Bush Policies

I was shocked too when I read the news that Obama had sided with the Bush White House in agreeing that detainees in Afghanistan have no constitutional rights. But not for the same reasons as the ACLU was shocked and stunned of course at Obama's decision.

The Justice Department states that the Afghan terrorists held at Bagram Air Base are enemy combatants. As compared to the terrorists at Gitmo who have been held there for years with-out a trial. The four terrorists had tried to challenge their captivity. And of course the good old ACLU was first in line to help them to do it. The judge handling the case gave Obama a month to figure out if he wanted to side with Bush, in that the terrorists had no constitutional rights. Thank God Obama backed Bush on this one. But the ACLU was"shocked" and a human rights lawyer complained, "The hope that we all had in Obama to lead us on a different path has not turned out as we hoped."

There are about 600 terrorists locked away at Bagram, and that number is sure to keep growing with a new offensive in the works. And I have the distinct feeling that we will all be hearing much more about claims of torture and abuse at Bagram in the near future after this set back for the ACLU and human rights groups.

A White House official even added more misery and anguish for the suffering members of the ACLU and human rights groups today when he reveled that a new pentagon report found no abuse and or torture at Guantanamo! The ACLU, human rights groups, and liberals are furious!

Mr. Romero the head cheese of the ACLU stated "they are sweeping the abusive Bush policies under the rug", and "its a whitewash." The ACLU has been itching to conduct their own inspection of Gitmo so that they can uncover all the torture and abuse that no-one else can find. The report is to be delivered to the White House today.

Its good to hear that Obama has decided not to side with the ACLU, and the human rights groups in regards to the Afghan terrorists at least. The Afghan war will be a long one with many captured terrorists to deal with. Its a sure bet that the same old culprits the ACLU and the human rights groups will be fighting the Obama administration now like they did Bush from the very beginning. Which led in part to the long delays between the Gitmo terrorists trials. Obama can consider himself lucky really. Bush had to endure all the roadblocks and hurdles that the ACLU and friends could throw at him in their attempts to block the trials of the Gitmo terrorists. In many cases he had to learn as he went so to speak. American has never had such a strong internal enemy as the ACLU and some of the human rights groups who are so insistent at helping the enemy win the war, except for the Vietnam war which we lost. The liberals learned many tactics from their victories in the Vietnam war that they have perfected and applied with great success to the current war. The most important of those two tactics are the use of our own courts to win battles, and the use of propaganda to influence the public opinion. Obama is going to have the same problems and headaches in dealing with his liberal supporters that Bush had, even more so because he knows that he may need their support in the future. So he will have have to throw them a political bone at times to keep them contented. And that bone has been Gitmo and the terrorists confined there up till now.

Its going to be interesting to see how Obama breaks the news himself to his old supporters that there was no torture or abuse at Gitmo. Maybe Obama will focus on the Gitmo recommendations that the terrorists do not get enough time to socialize and or spend to much time counting flies in their cells. But I doubt that those small hardships will be enough to satisfy the ACLU demands that no torture and abuse was not found at Gitmo.

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