Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terrorist Turns Himself Back in to Jihad Rehab for Rest and Recreation

Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi a former ex-Guantanamo terrorist has apparently turned himself back in to the Saudi Jihad Rebab Center, after his latest relapse. Its reported that he surrendered Tuesday. He was originally released back in 2007 from Gitmo and then sent to the famous Jihad Rehab in Saudi Arabia.

He was on the list of most wanted terrorists that the Saudis just recently released that included 10 more former Gitmo terrorists. He appeared not too long ago in a video on the Internet preaching hell fire and damnation to all infidels along with another terrorist who had failed his rehab.

I hope we are not seeing the beginnings of a new trend where these lowlifes will use the Saudi Jihad Rehab as a refuge. Here in the states before they tightened up the laws, the criminals would commit crimes and then run to the Drug and Alcohol Rehab. By law we were not able to release any names of the clients at the Rehab. Buying the criminal some much needed rest and a place to to plan their next move. Junkies pulled the same thing, they would spend 30 days in treatment and get cleaned, and get their health back as well. Then hit the streets and start ripping and running all over again till they were ragged out, and then re-admit themselves for another 30 days of rest and relaxation. So it will not surprise me in the least if we do not see more terrorists taking advantage of the Saudi Jihad Rehab as a haven to rest up, and to avoid any consequences for their violent and often times murderous actions.

I can hear the bleeding hearts now. "But he is sorry! And he wants to start a new life!" Whatever. The Saudi Rehab is first class living too. The recovering terrorist(if there is such a thing) has all his expenses paid for. Plus many more goodies to boot upon completion of his rehab. Do any of the so called authorities, and politicians ever think about the real victims anymore? Or that archaic and quaint value that an individual is responsible for their actions.

What really has me worried and other families that have had loved ones murdered by some of these terrorists is that there is the distinct possibility that Obama will use the Saudi Rehab as an easy out to get rid of his "terrorists problems". Out of sight and out of mind so to speak. He will then be able to claim that justice has been served, and that the terrorists are someone elses problem now. And then if one of the terrorist has a "relapse" and can't stop the cravings for just one more bombing and kills some innocent people, Obama and his administration will be able to claim that relapse is a part of the treatment process. And that these kind of unfortunate setbacks are bound to happen. But that that we must focus on the positive outcomes.

Unfortunately most of the terrorists left in Gitmo are Yemenis and President Saleh is releasing them as fast a they are returned to him. But yet Saleh refuses to extridite our sons killers while our own government does nothing but give him more money and his terrorists back. Our government has been playing this game with Saleh for 8 years now, and counting.

Saleh of Yemen sent a delegation to the democratic convention, and hailed the election of Obama as a victory for Yemen and the Arab world. It appears that near the end of the Bush administration that Saleh and Bush had a serious falling out. Bush for some reason had begun to push really hard for the extradition of one our sons killers, and demanded that Saleh had to quit releasing terrorists back on to the street. Which of course Saleh refused both requests several times.
So here we are now. And Saleh is still making out like a Fat Cat with American money, releasing terrorists, and protecting the killers of 17 American sailors.

Did I hear someone promise "change". Or was that just an echo from 2004, 2000, 1996, etc...


  1. The change that is coming is going to be worse then even feared. That is exactly what Muhammad al-Oufi is doing, hiding in plain sight and thumbing their nose at us.

  2. I swear to GOD, Gary. When I first started reading your post I thought it was satire!

    It's just crazy. Now, they can just run their state sponsored terror camps right out in the open.

    All they have to do is call them 'terror rehab' and the US will even help pay for them. I don't know about the Saudi center, but I do recall reading that the Yemen center was being built with US funds.


  3. Thanks for the comments.
    I think your Julie. And I also think that we will be seeing more of this till our politicans put a stop to it.

    Dinah:You can't tell me that these creeps do not talk about Jihad, and plan it in these feel good camps. Not that you are! And yes you are right. Our tax dollars are hard at work in Yemen building a Jihad Camp. I just wonder if they are going to have the preacher who is wanted by the US teach the jihads!