Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Victims of Terrorism with Tough Choices

Heidi Litle's 14 year old daughter was killed by a Palestinian terrorists 5 years ago when the terrorist blew the bus up with 17 men, women, and children. But now she has to deal with the prospect that one of the terrorists will be freed in exchange for Gilad Schalit an Israeli soldier who has been held as a captive by Humas since 2006.

Israel has announced that there will be no acceptable peace till Schalit is returned back to Israel safe and sound. The only problem is that the terrorists want 1,000 of their old buddies in exchange for him. And Ms. Litle knows there is the possibility that her daughters killer will be one of these men. She has even wrote the Schalit family telling them if that's what it takes then she agrees with it. That would be one tough spot to be in. I can only say that she is in my prayers. She does not want the Schalit family to suffer the loss of a child. A gaping hole in a family that stays there forever. I agree with her to a point. And admire her courage, and faith.

While at the other end of the table is Mr. Moshe Kenan who lost a 22 year old son in the Israeli army who was trying to capture a Palestinian terrorist. He believes that Schalit should be brought home by a military operation. And not by an a prisoner swap which favors the terrorists.

Kenan has written a letter to Olmert and his cabinet ministers to urge them not to free terrorists for Schalit. "I am turning to you from the depths of my heart to ask that you stop speaking of the release of terrorists, which only causes pain to the families of soldiers who have risked their lives and are now being told that their actions were in vain."

As the father of a son who was murdered by terrorists while serving his country I have to say that I agree with Mr. Kenan that both of our governments have come to see our military men and women as nothing but pawns to be used to their advantage when the need arises. And then cast aside when they are no longer of any use. My own government has freed numerous Yemeni terrorists while not getting even one of our sons killers back in exchange. Only to see many of those freed terrorists returned back to killing innocent people again.

I did not agreed with Bush when I heard that he had freed Yemeni terrorist back to Yemen, nor do I agree with Obama's plan to free more terrorists back to Yemen while our sons killers walk the streets as free men. And my tax dollars are being used to support his evil regime which has and does support the organization which killed our son. We were happy that Bush had set up a camp to keep these terrorists isolated from America. And that he and a bipartisan congress had agreed upon a procedure that would give the terrorists a fair trial.

Its clear to anyone that the bad guys are winning out on these deals. Big time. Its way past time that some of our leaders learn to grow a backbone like our soldiers have and to stand up to these savages, and the nations that support them. Israel has been freeing terrorists left and right. And for what? Nothing. Our own government has been pleading with the likes of President Saleh for over 8 years, and for what. Nothing. But yet the political games continue. While the families wait and wait for their governments to obtain some measure of justice for their loved ones.

Thousand of Americans who have had family members murdered by the terrorists are now waiting again to see what Obama will do. Just like we waited for Bush and congress for years. And no sooner is a system agreed upon to hold trials for these murderers than its done away with by the stroke of a pen. What was that all about? All that time, money, blood, sweat and tears.

In the end I think its going to be the real victims, victims of terrorism that get the short end of the stick again.