Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is America on the Highway to a Bad Nightmare?

Obama and his fellow defeatocrats are bound and determined to undo just about everything and anything that Bush and his administration implemented in the War on Terror. Plus the calls for a so called Truth Commission concerning the Bush administration is gaining ground with each passing day amongst the democrats. Senator Leahy who refused to let the Cole Hearing go forward because it would have embarrassed former President Clinton is now ready to go after Bush and company. What a bunch of hypocrites.

At the swearing in ceremony for the inexperienced(even the New York Times had to admit that) new CIA Director Leon Panetta, VP Biden blamed Bush for giving Al-Qaeda a recruiting tool. He said that the Bush administration's detention and interrogation policies "gave Al-Qeada a powerful recruiting tool."

This is coming from Biden who's boss has closed Gitmo, stopped the trials of the terrorists, and closed the secret overseas detention program for Al-Qaeda terrorists in less than a month since he has been in office. I would have to say that the Obama administration has gotten off to an even better job at giving Al-Qaeda some powerful tools to take advantage of.

And then we have the Truth Commissions which 24 democrats have signed on to it. And one of those democrats is none other than the infamous Barney Frank's. And of course our all time favorite democrat, Nancy Pelosi who has expressed an interest as well. I bet she has!

So our economy is a wreck, we are in the middle of a war, the Gitmo terrorists and their trials are in limbo, we have a new CIA Director who does not know anything about intelligence, a new front opening up in Afghanistan with only half the troops needed, and the General in charge announced today that "we cannot win this war, only protect America interest at best", and these idiots want to screw the country up even more with their petty resentments by holding Truth Commissions. Oh! And lets not forget that our neighbor to the South, Mexico is about ready to plunge into complete chaos too. Is it any wonder that very few Americans have any faith left in these clowns at all?

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  1. Great post. I am still reeling that the American people let this happen. Then I hear that supplies are being stolen from Walmart that can be used to make dirty bombs, what will this government do about that? Scary times.