Monday, February 9, 2009

Yemen Frees 170 More Al-Qaeda Suspects

President Saleh of the Yemeni Regime just released 170 terrorists having ties with Al-Qaeda. This good news for the terrorists and Al-Qaeda comes just two weeks after the Al-Qaeda faction in Yemen announced in a Internet video that the Saudi Arabia Al-Qaeda Faction was joining them in Happy Yemen! The two terrorists factions have decided that they can kill more people and be more successful as one group, and with Yemen as their base of operations, where they will be protected by Saleh's government. Saleh can can then claim that Al-Qaeda is growing in Yemen, and get more money from the American government. And then he can turn around and use the Al-Qaeda terrorists to kill his enemies and do his dirty work. He comes out a winner every time!

Unfortunately Saleh has been doing this for an extremely long time, and getting away it. I have noticed that he does not even try to hide it as much as he used to. Why should he? Clinton did nothing, Bush did nothing and now it looks like Obama will do nothing. Except to send Saleh more ex Gitmo terrorists back, who then return to Al-Qaeda. And that's exactly what Obama is planning on doing, sending 94 more Yemeni terrorists from Gitmo back to Yemen where they can then continue their careers in terrorism after they were so rudely interrupted and imprisoned when caught by US forces. The terrorists were forced to sign pledges that they would in fact be good boys and not revert back to terrorism. Saleh's Jihad Rehab has been criticized by our government as not doing enough to get the terrorist to change ways. Really! What amazing powers of insight that some of our politicians have!!

At the rate that Al-Qaeda is getting back their old recruits in Yemen they will be back on their feet and fit as a fiddle in no time. Ready to attack more American ships like the USS Cole, the American Embassy and other juicy targets of opportunity. And if Saleh crosses his fingers he just might get al-Nashiri the Cole bomber given back to him who is an expert at killing Americans and attacking ships.

Al-Nashiri had his charges dismissed last Friday by President Obama for attacking the USS Cole and murdering 17 American Sailors. The first step in gaining his freedom.

I despise Saleh of Yemen. But you got to give this swindler credit where credit is due. He has buffaloed two American presidents. And now he his own his third one. He even talked Bush out of invading Yemen first back when Bush was trying to make his mind up as to which country he would go after first on his list. This guy has gotten away with anything and everything. He broke deals with Bush one after another. Just like he did with Clinton. And suffered no negative consequences at all. He has protected our sons murderers for years now. And he continues to protect other know terrorists, and people who support terrorism. And gets away with it every damn time. Every terrorist alive knows that all they have to do is run to Yemen and they are safe. Saleh of Yemen is right up there with Bin Laden when it comes to evading any personal consequences while aiding and abetting terrorism.

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